A Free Book in Google Books Lists Details of all Voters in New York City for 1919

I love Google Books! There are great finds there for genealogists and for many other interests as well. Newsletter reader Barbara Ulus sent information about her latest find, one that will interest any genealogist with ancestors living in New York City in 1919. Barbara writes:

“I’ve come across a free book on Google, which you may or may not know of, that lists the name, address and political party of all voters in the boroughs of NYC for 1919. Seems to list many more people than I found searching on the census. I guess people didn’t trust giving info to the census takers but most men wanted to vote as soon as they were able to.”

The List of Enrolled Voters of the City of New York is a 484-page book available for free to everyone in the U.S. at http://goo.gl/OuWU8n. However, it may not be available in other countries due to copyright laws that keep Google from making all books available everyplace.


I might be doing something wrong but I think that this book might have been withdrawn, as when I follow your link I arrive at a Google play page with an image of the book but absolutely no way to access / view / download the book. Any hints would be appreciated đŸ™‚


Same problem as Thelma – maybe not available in the UK?


This book is not available outside of the United States. You might have to use a proxy server to access this book.


I had to log into Google to get access.
It is a great find, though.


It appears you are right. I logged onto the Internet normally from my home in the U.S. and was able to view the book online. I left it displayed in my web browser, then enabled a VPN connection to a VPN server in London, England. I clicked on REFRESH in the browser and the book would not display.

I then disconnected the VPN and went back to the normal U.S. connection. I then clicked on REFRESH in the browser and the book displayed normally.

I then connected to a VPN server in Australia and repeated the experiment. This time the book displayed perfectly.

My assumption is that Google Books does block display of some books in the U.K. and possibly in other countries as well, but not in all countries, because of all the variations in copyright laws in different countries.


    Thanks, Dick.
    I am sure that copyright differences are the reason. I have a cousin in the USA so I will contact him and get him to look for the family that I am interested in finding.

    Your newsletter is wonderful and has led me to many otherwise unknown sources.


    Interesting you were able to display the book OK using an Australian proxy, I found I could not see it let alone download it from Australia. I tried a free proxy server and the download link magically appeared. However, when I input the captcha characters the proxy solution failed.

    What really rankles me is that you can find a book on archive.org and download all the various formats there, but my preferred PDF version is often a link to Google books – and I am blocked from downloading it because I am not in the USA!!! Why it is OK from one site but not Mr [insert your own rant words here] Google I just don’t know or get it. So much for our much vaunted (by politicians) free trade agreement between Australia and the USA.

    Maybe time to get my own VPN service?


To view the book in other formats or save it to your computer follow the link below, then click on the red Ebook icon to the left of the page. You can choose the format which you would prefer from the drop-down list and follow the instructions to save it to your computer. http://books.google.com/books/about/List_of_Enrolled_Voters.html?id=aa9XAAAAYAAJ


I went to Google books and entered the book name: City Record Supplement, Transcript of enrollment books. I then clicked on the search result of the same name and the book displayed in its entirety. Using the widget on the top right, you can then do a PDF download and search the book using Acrobat instead of scrolling through 461 pages. A great time saver!


The book is not all of New York City, just Queens and Richmond


Women are listed as well.


I found a searchable version by going to the Google Books top search page and searched for List of Enrolled Voters. I then got a Search Results page for each Burrough. The voters are listed by District. (ie District 17 follows District 16, etc). I could then search for a name by inserting it in the search box in the left panel. Much easier to look for names than the one in Google play as an Ebook.


FYI – Richmond is the pre 1975 name for Staten Island.

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From the Book title and the page header, seems to be only the Borough of Queens? I followed the link above.


Could the difference between the census and the voting list be that ‘dead people vote?’


Please help. I followed Ris’ instructions but what I got was the Google title page and hundreds of blank pages. I am in the US so shouldn’t be a problem with that.
What did I do wrong?? Thanks


These lists are from December 1920. An important Genealogy Lesson here, and an important lesson. An easy mistake to make, but much more important is the fact that someone let us all know about this wonderful resource. Woman didn’t obtain the right to vote until, August 18, 1920. This is why women are included, it is after this date.

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    Good catch about the date. You’re right that details like that are important. Just one clarification though, the August 1920 date is for women’s suffrage nationwide. Women already had the vote before then in some states. In New York State they had it since 1917, so in practice there probably were pre-1920 enrollment lists which included females.


As usual, no Manhattan information….sob


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