Library and Archives Canada survey – sondage à Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

The following was written by the folks at Library and Archives Canada:

Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is conducting a usability study of our to gather information about how visitors use our website. This study includes a question about digital content available on the LAC website. Please note that the identity of respondents is strictly confidential.

The study can be accessed at: until March 6th.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact:

Your participation is key to improving services at LAC!


Bibliothèque et Archives Canada (BAC) mène une étude sur la convivialité du site Web de BAC pour recueillir des informations sur les divers modes d’utilisation de notre site Web par les visiteurs. Cette étude inclut entre autre une question sur le contenu numérique qui est disponible sur le site Web de BAC. Notez que l’identité des répondants est strictement confidentielle.

Vous pouvez accéder à l’étude en ligne à : jusqu’au 6 mars

Si vous avez des questions concernant cette étude, veuillez contacter :

Votre participation est essentielle à l’amélioration des services de BAC !

One Comment

Well that was an experience. I always take a deep breath when I wrestle with the LAC site. To think I moan about the UK National Archives site! Mind you the British Library is probably worse. What I have said in my survey probably won’t be listened to but you have to make the effort to let them know what isn’t working. And in my case the survey didn’t work properly on my tablet for a start.

And just a plug for the UK National Archives – they do listen and take notice of feedback. If they didn’t their new catalogue Discovery would have been much worse. I know because I am on their User Advisory Group and we have bent their ears relentlessly about it for the last year! So if you have a beef let them know either by using the form in the contact us section – scroll right to the bottom of any page to find it or by joining the online community. This is on the dropdown menu section which appears when you click on the red menu button in the top centre of each page. You need the About us section and then “get involved”.

Jacqui Kirk


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