Progeny Genealogy’s Charting Companion now includes Scalable Vector Graphics

One of the more attractive genealogy products available is Charting Companion, produced by Progeny Genealogy. I am always amazed that this great charting program isn’t better known. Charting Companion is a Windows program that creates great looking charts, including giant wall charts, from GEDCOM files or directly from Ancestral Quest, Family Historian, Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, Personal Ancestral File or RootsMagic. Now a new option has been added that can create family tree charts in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format, or embedded in an HTML page. This means genealogists can display their charts in a better, more compact and Web-friendly format than ever before.

Charting Companion can publish Ancestor, Descendant, Hourglass and Bowtie charts in SVG format for editing, or embed the SVG in an HTML file for displaying on a Website. SVG is really cool because you can create charts with hyperlinks that can be clicked. For example, above is a tiny image of an example of four generations (163 people) of the Kennedy family, showing ‘clickable’ links to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Click on the small image above to view the full-sized version on Progeny Genealogy’s web site. Make sure you scroll up, down, and all around to appreciate the chart.

The new charts can show your entire extended family, including cousins, nephews and nieces, in a big chart with everybody’s Facebook link. The result is a chart that is easy to share with the family. The chart can then be uploaded to a Website, or attached to an email message.

To create a Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. link, just create a custom or user-defined event in the genealogy program, and store the URL in the Place or Description. Anything that starts with http:// will be displayed as a hyperlink.

Another neat feature is that you can edit an SVG file with a vector graphics editor. Genealogists can play with the charts, combine several charts together, add background images or annotations. SVG scales (zoom in/out) nicely while preserving sharpness.

For more information about the latest version of Progeny Genealogy’s Charting Companion, go to

You can learn more about all of Progeny Genealogy’s other products at


I chose this program because it seemed to offer much more compact, attractive and readable descendant charts than anything else I’d seen. I like to fit as much onto a single page as possible whilst retaining legibility. Sadly I have just found a fatal flaw – same-sex relationships are not recognised. The data import process rejects any family tags that involve people of the same gender. There are not a lot of same-sex relationships in my charts, but I’m not going to exclude them, so the software that I paid for is now of no use to me. I have just emailed the developers to see whether there is a workaround, let’s hope.


    Thank you. I was going to buy this program but I won’t now. The information in my database goes back many generations to a time when people only used one name, and these names were used by both sexes. I have overcome this by making the people gender neutral and they appear as same sex marriages. I understand by your comments that this folk will not show up? That would render my charts useless. Pity, I think I would like this program.


    I last used the program a couple of years ago to produce charts for a publication, it was great in most respects but it omitted any same-sex relationships. So for your purposes it would probably not be good unless the program has been changed since then. But I haven’t heard of such a change yet.


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