New Jersey to Allow Access to Birth Records for People Adopted in the State

Beginning in 2017, an adult adopted child whose adoption took place in New Jersey can request to obtain a non-certified copy of their original birth record. They will not be able to use the original birth record as proof of identification or for any other legal purposes.

The only people allowed to request an original birth certificate in the case of an adoption are: an adult adopted child; a direct descendent, sibling or spouse of the adopted child; an adoptive parent or other legal guardian of a minor adopted child or a state or federal agency for official purposes.

Details may be found in an article by Daniel Klein of the Jersey Journal at


Dick – is this available in PA? Thanks


I recently traced a birth mother in NY (noted for Closed records). Used the 1940 census to discover birth name in orphanage. From there located any women of correct age with same last name (only had 5 to research). Looked into records of the most likely mother and family now is in DNA discovery. Alleluia – I beat their stupid system. Why does a deceased mother have all the rights when the offspring are good citizens with NO rights. Something is wrong here.


    Great news about what sounds like a very enlightened law.

    Lorraine: Nearly as often the birth mother is searching too. (Read about the First Mother movement) The laws changed in the 1930s because someone?? decided it was better that adoptees not know their birth parents and supposedly to protect the birth and adoptive parents. This has caused untold heartache and changes to the laws are starting to happen. (read about the Open Birth Records movement). Some of us believe too many state records remain closed because someone in power has an out-of wedlock child or children to hide. Incidentally, DNA testing has changed the landscape considerably.

    Each state and province and country’s laws are different, but slowly change is coming.


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