Who Do You Think You Are? Live! in Birmingham, England – Day #2

The Who Do You Think You Are? Live! event continued for a second day today at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, England. In fact, it was very much like the first day of the event with one major exception. In fact, I have to take back one statement I wrote yesterday and re-state it a bit differently.

Yesterday, in my report of Day #1, I wrote, “The total attendance undoubtedly was lower than the past few years when the event was held in London …” However, the attendance today (Friday) was much higher than that of Thursday. Attendance today may or may not have reached the levels seen in previous years in London but, whatever the number, the hall was crowded most of the time. Several of the commercial vendors reported late this afternoon they were quite happy with sales made to this larger crowd.

Here is a small sample of today’s larger crowds filling the rather wide aisles in the exhibits hall.

I suspect the attendance will be still higher tomorrow as many people who are employed Monday through Friday may be limited to attending this event only on Saturday.

Many attendees had a chance to try out MyHeritage’s new Instant Discoveries(tm) product.

I did snap a number of new pictures. I’ll upload a few here but the remaining photos are more-or-less duplicates of the ones I took yesterday. The hall looked the same today with the exception of the larger crowd. The workshops and presentations continued all day with multiple events going on at most all times. I did make one presentation today to a rather large number of people and was rather pleased at the audience’s reactions. I can report these folks paid close attention and asked some really difficult questions at the end! I see that as a sign of success.

Who Do You Think You Are? Live! always has a strong emphasis on military history and ancestors. This year’s event was no different.

I did have a chance today to see Simon Orde’s Family Historian version 6 in action. I have used earlier versions of this Windows genealogy program but today was the first time I have seen version 6 in action. I am very impressed with the speed and the many features of this powerhouse program. I hope to write a detailed review of Family Historian version 6 within the next few weeks, along with details of a few other products that I saw at this year’s Who Do You Think You Are? Live! event.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be the final day of this 3-day event. Obviously, I cannot yet report on the success or failure of this year’s event but, if tomorrow is the same as today’s events, I suspect all the attendees will consider it to be a success.

I love this play on words! This sign from Findmypast(ries) was on the side of a working restaurant in the exhibits hall.


What did you speak about, Dick?


    Thursday I spoke about using “the cloud” for genealogy, yesterday about organizing all sorts of random notes from genealogy research and for many other purposes, and later today will speak about using mobile genealogy apps.


Nice to meet you yesterday and have a chat.
Always look forward to your comments. Keep up the good work.


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