Who Do You Think You Are? Live! in Birmingham, England – Day #3

The third and final day of the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! event finished a few hours ago in Birmingham, England. It must have been a great show because I know I am bushed!

The crowd at the Guild of One-Name Studies stand

This final day was similar to the first two days (see my earlier reports here and here for details). The biggest single difference is that the crowd was even bigger today than either of the two previous days. No surprises there as more people can attend on a Saturday than can be there on a weekday.

I never heard any final attendance numbers. In fact, I don’t know whether or not the numbers were even counted before the 5:30 PM end of the show. However, all day long I noticed most of the event organizers walking around with smiles on their faces. They obviously were pleased with the size of the crowd.

Since this was the first time the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! event was held in Birmingham, most people speculated the total attendance would be less than that of previous events held in London. Indeed, I think that assumption turned out to be true but not by as big a margin as many of us had expected. The crowd was small on Thursday but Friday and Saturday were both well attended. Even better, I saw a lot of “new faces” in the crowd.

I have attended every past Who Do You Think You Are? Live! event except for one when I had a conflict and could not be in two places at once. In London, I often felt as if I was seeing the same faces every year. To be sure, many of this year’s faces amongst the organizers and the vendors were the same as I have seen in London at past events but the attendees seemed to be mostly new faces although with a few “old friends” in the crowd.

I talked with several of the vendors late on Saturday afternoon and all reported they were happy with the sales made over the three days. I don’t think any of them set new sales records compared to previous Who Do You Think You Are? Live! events. However, given the smaller crowds expected, they apparently sold enough to meet their expectations and more.

I am including a few photographs taken today in this article but there were many more photos taken Thursday and Friday. If you haven’t seen those photos already, you might be interested in looking at them here and here. You can also find lots of information about the presentations, workshops, and vendors present at http://www.whodoyouthinkyouarelive.com.

The FIBIS (Families In British India Society) stand

Eric Knowles was very busy at the show!



It was an excellent event. Well worth attending.


YEAH FTDNA! It only takes one Brown or O’Brien cousin to swab that cheek. And Birmingham is closer to where I think they may have lived. Sounds like a great conference.


First time I had attended but really great, and not THAT far from the smoke!


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