The Reincarnation Machine: Who Might You Have Been in a Past Life?

Who were you in a previous life? To help you find out, Slate Magazine scraped tens of thousands of people from Wikipedia and built the Reincarnation Machine. Type in your birth date, and the machine will match you to somebody who died on your birth date or close to it. Then, it will match that person to somebody who died close to his or her birth date, and so on through history. Were you Elvis Presley? Lyndon Johnson? A Welsh stage actress? Type your birth date at to find out!

Yeah, like I almost believe this stuff. I still want to see the documentation!


I see that I am a re-incarnation of my own ancestor !


Brain candy for the simple minded. Even if you accept the basic precepts of the existence of reincarnation, that it would be one to one, that it is from someone who died near your date of birth, that the transfer is not biased etc. you are left with the basic problem that tens of thousands of people die every day. Do the math. The chance that you came from a famous person are zilch.


It’s all in fun! Must be where I get my affinity for languages, coming from different cultures and countries! Thanks Dick.

Like April 24, 2015 at 4:00 am

Who’s to say we
are not reincarnated from a Cocker Spaniel or a Turkey Vulture?
This reincarnation stuff is complete and total nonsense . Its too old and worn out even to be fun anymore.


Gee whiz. Lighten up, he’s not serious. I thought it was fun. Thanks Dick.


How sad that every one of my reincarnation ancestors is male. Makes me wonder how they came to be born?


You know, there are some people in this world that can suck the fun out of anything. They need to lighten up.

I especially liked the comments between the human lives.


It’s just a fun way to learn about some historical figures you never heard of.


According to this I was my own 18th great-grandfather, Roger de Mortimer, who ruled England briefly before being seized by King Edward III and hanged without trial.

Yeah, right.


Lighten up guys, this is all in fun!

I enjoyed reading about historical figures – many I didn’t know about. My favorite “incarnation” was Enea Vico (1523-1567) who made “grotesque” engravings of antique paintings.

Hilarious! Good find, Dick!


I always thought that reincarnation would start at the time of conception, rather than the time of birth. This difference could also explain the waiting period in Purgatory. Guess we’ll all find out sooner or later.


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