Jason Scott Sadofsky Wants Your Old AOL CDs

Finally! Someone has found a use for all those AOL disks that were sent to your house and given away by many stores. Jason Scott Sadofsky is a Free-Range Archivist & Software Curator for the Internet Archive. He wants every disc ever made, but is specifically requesting that readers of his blog send him old AOL discs, the kind that came free at Best Buy checkouts, packed in magazines and mailed randomly to your house back in the 1990s. He wants to add them to an online archive of computer history.

While many would assume that having one AOL disc is the same as having them all, Sadofsky considers each one a unique time capsule that deserves preserving. He plans to image, copy and upload the files to Archive.org in an effort to keep those unique treasures alive.

He also is looking for all the CD-ROMs made by Walnut Creek.

You can read more in Sadofsky’s blog at http://ascii.textfiles.com/archives/4624.

AOL was sold to Verizon last week for $4.4 billion. Maybe those disks turned out to be worth something after all.


They were my first set of Coasters !

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The Internet Archive is where I get my census images. Unfortunately they have decided to fix something that isn’t broken and the new site replaces real information with thumbnails. As you can imagine the thumbnail of the cover of a census book is less than useless. Once the old site is completely off line it will be functionally useless because what once took half a dozen mouse clicks could now take half a dozen hours of searching without a pay off. Now someone wants my garbage from the 80’s so he can archive endless copies of an advertizing gimmick that contains no real information. Words (that can be used in polite company) fail me.


Peter Bridge (and a proud Lanky) May 22, 2015 at 9:02 am

A very laudable ambition I am sure.
However, I think mine perform a more useful function keeping the birds off my cabbage plants 🙂

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I’ve got several AOL CDs from the late 1990’s that were issued in the UK. That should be an interesting addition to the collection.


Hi Jason, Attached is a photo of the Copier paper box Showing the collection of AOL offer Disks I saved unopened for just this time. The collection contains 83 different types, and the 6 tall mailers shown (the full height of the 3 ring binders), are the only ones not in mint condition. Book #1 starts with only a 10 free trial. By book 2 it starts with 100 free hours. in book 3 it starts with 1025 hour free trial. The last 19 are loose in the box along with 23 misc disks for Java or various internet services.

Are you interested ? Please reply. Just noticed I can not find a way to attach a photo. Send me an Email and I can. Thanks, Ray


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