Heredis 2015 is Now Available for Windows and Macintosh

Almost two weeks ago, I published an article at entitled Heredis 2015 to be Available Later this Month. Today, the prediction came true. Heredis 2015, a powerful genealogy program for Windows and for Macintosh, was released today.

Heredis 2015 is a major upgrade. The program now includes a search module for online archives. With the 2015 release, everything needed for online genealogy research is now included in Heredis. The producers of Heredis say there now is no need for additional software to be installed or paid for to have all the tools necessary for your genealogy.

In addition, Heredis 2015 adds:

  • Photo tool: Capture faces and signatures on photos and documents. If the pictures or captures of acts are not perfect, you can correct them with the photo editing functions.
  • Shared events: Share an event for several participants with one unique data entry. The event then appears in the record of each person.
  • Family Tree Mapping: Your ancestors are now shown on interactive maps. Display the places where your ancestors lived.
  • Photo albums on Heredis Online: Share your genealogical photo albums on Heredis Online. Visitors to Heredis Online will make the most of graphic pictures and will no doubt get in touch with you if they have information about any person in any photo.
  • Search online tool for Archives: The new online archive tool will help you retrieve documents online without leaving your software. It will also help you to make a capture of acts found and to integrate them directly into your genealogy.

Another item in the announcement that caught my eye in the announcement is that the price of Heredis has been reduced: $29.99 US instead of $39.99 US for the 2014 version. Free demo versions are also available so that you can try the program for a while at no cost.

All the details are available in an announcement available at as a ZIP file that include several screen shots and a PDF file with the announcement. You also might want to watch a video about Heredis 2015 below:

You can read more about the Windows version of Heredis at while the Macintosh version is described at The Macintosh version may be downloaded from the Macintosh App Store at The Macintosh version is available at a $5 introductory discount, good until July 12, 2015.




I try to understand. The FRENCH Windows version costs 99 Euros (about 110 US dollars); The ENGLISH Windows version costs $39.99 ???


    Heredis proposes two innovative applications for your genealogy: a french version and an english version. These two programs contain major technological advances.
    The french version proposes adding functions for the data entry for example: these functions are typically for French genealogists and and would not suit to the English users. This is why the development of these two versions has been completely separate.


    My question is WHY FRENCH version $110. USD and ENGLISH version $39.99 USD ???


From my experience with using Heredis 2014, their technical support is sorely lacking. Buyers beware.


    Heredis software propose for the moment a support through the forum only. Our technical team and our commercial team are available to answer. The Heredis support will evolve in the months to come. This service will be constantly evolving, in order to bring you the best for your genealogy.


Dick, I checked and the the Mac version of Heredis 2015 is not available for $5, it is available for 50% off, $24.99.


    Correct. In the above article, I wrote that “The Macintosh version is available at a $5 introductory discount…” The normal price (mentioned earlier in the article) is $29.99 US.


I strongly suggest people use the trial version of any of the genealogy software programs and see which interface and features work for you. I LOVE Heredis. It just thinks the way I do. The 2015 version looks even better.

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The main difficulty I can see is the same with Ancestral Quest for me at least. I need to bold and make larger the data entry screen on an individual. I am older now, and whether I put it on full screen (on 27 inch monitor) or half screen, the box remains 7 inches across with light small font. I agree support is lacking. I wrote to ask about this and they said see the forum.


    With almost all computer programs, you can enlarge or reduce the items on the screen to fit your unique requirements. After all, the programmers do not know if you will be using a 10-inch mini laptop computer or a 27-inch giant display on your desktop. Therefore, programmers rely on the operating system to adjust the text and icons to fit the needs of the user. You can change the display size at any time.

    If you are using Windows, see Microsoft’s help file at

    If you are using Macintosh, see Apple’s help file at

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    I had that problem with Findmypast and got no help from them. My son fixed it in the blink of an eye. Hold down Ctrl and scroll with your mouse. Up popped a full size screen! You can make it whatever size you want just scroll either way. Who knew? Not me. My son was amazed I didn’t know about that!

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I am confused about their claim of online search and a published family tree. Are they saying Heredis can replace my costly annual membership in That would be wonderful if true but disappointing if mere hyperbole.

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    I have been looking at the Demo version and am not clear about the online search function either. It looked like if I went to Genealogy Bank, I still had to have a subscription and login. At FamilySearch, some information showed up without a login. Heredis’ FAQ didn’t answer whether one has to have paid subscriptions to sites like and in order for the search to work. Does anyone here have more experience with Heredis and know the answer?

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Jackie Wisniewski June 25, 2015 at 5:36 pm

I’ve been using Heredis 2014 since it was initially released, and I do like it, but I’m pretty disappointed that Heredis isn’t offering their current users any special pricing, especially considering we were charged a higher price ($40) for last year’s version.

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Thanks Dick for your reply. I also had a good one by Tom Huber on the Ancestral Quest user group on Yahoo:

The setting you want to modify in AQ’s Font Preferences is the Dialogs
and Name View (pull down menu). I played around with this and on the
23″ montior, a size 12 Arial font works well for viewability.

You can also increase the size of the displayed edit individual window
by decreasing the screen resolution you are using with your monitor
(this is outside AQ and a Windows setting). Generally speaking you can
access this setting by right clicking on an open area of the screen
(Windows 7 and below), and selecting Screen Resolution. I can’t
address where that setting is found in Windows 8 and above.

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Doesn’t anyone know the answer to this question?:
” Are they saying Heredis can replace my costly annual membership in”
I didn’t mean it to sound merely rhetorical. I really am wondering –
1) Does their search function search all the same resources as
2) If I publish my Family Tree on Heredis, will it be seen on the net everywhere my published Ancestry Family Tree is seen?
3) Is Audrey answering questions here on behalf of Heredis?

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    —> 3) Is Audrey answering questions here on behalf of Heredis?

    Yes. In an earlier comment Audrey wrote, “Our technical team and our commercial team are available to answer.”


    Dear Audrey/Heredis – In order to try to avoid burdening Dick Eastman’s website with further questions since downloading the trial version, I would appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. I tried to search from your website but got this message: “This Connection is Untrusted … You have asked Firefox to connect securely to, but we can’t confirm that your connection is secure.” Where shall I address my questions?


—> “This Connection is Untrusted…”

The problem probably exists in some security software you installed in your computer (Norton, ESET, BitDefender, or some other product). Details may be found at


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