Version 6 of Charting Companion adds Fractal Trees and a Dandelion Chart

Progeny Genealogy is well-known for software that produces some of the most advanced and visually pleasing genealogy charts. The company’s Charting Companion allows anyone to produce charts for personal use or to share your research with friends & relatives. Now the company has released Version 6 with two great new charts.

Quoting from the Progeny Genealogy web site at

The Fractal Tree

The Fractal Tree is an entirely new way to display your Ancestors. The Fractal Tree is more compact than other charts. A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that exhibits a repeating pattern that displays at every scale. A fractal is a self-similar geometric shape; each part of the shape is the same as the whole.

How the Fractal Tree works: Start with a subject, René A. Clouthier, and a 2-generation Fractal Tree. Two boxes sprout horizontally. His father (Raoul) is in a box to the left, his mother (Jeanne) is in a box to the right.

Add a third generation, including the grand-parents. The new boxes now sprout vertically. On the paternal side, Raoul’s parents (Calixte & Honorine) are displayed. On the maternal side, Jeanne’s parents (Thomas & Amanda) are displayed.

Add a fourth generation, including the great-grand-parents. The new boxes now revert to sprouting horizontally.

Five generations takes us to 31 people.

You can go as far as you want. Here is a 9-generation Fractal Tree.

By tiling the pages, you can assemble a chart of unlimited size from standard paper or A4. You can create a PDF of a single large page (36″ x 72″) and take it to a print shop for printing on a large printer.
Dazzle your friends & relatives today with the Fractal Tree!

The Dandelion Chart

The Dandelion Chart is an entirely new way to display your Ancestors. The Dandelion Chart spreads out in all directions, and includes the ancestors of the spouses, which allows you to include everyone in the family.

How the Dandelion Chart works: from the Subject, John F Kennedy, extend lines to parents and children.

In a Dandelion Chart, the nodes (people) are scattered to minimize cross-over of lines. The Dandelion can show Ancestors as well as Descendants. The advantage of the Dandelion is that it can show the parents and siblings of spouses, who are not in the bloodline.

Each black circle corresponds to a family. The red lines link the parents to the family, the black lines link children. In the example below, John F. Kennedy is a child in the family where Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald are parents. JFK is a parent in the family that links to Jacqueline Bouvier (the other parent) and their children Caroline, John F. Jr. and Patrick.

You can move the boxes around by clicking on them with the mouse, and dragging them

All the regular options are available: color by generation, lineage, gender, X-chromosome, bevel, gradient; font; event types, date format, etc.

Of course, all the features of earlier versions of Charting Companion have been preserved in Version 6.

Charting Companion can import genealogy data from either GEDCOM files or from any of the following family tree programs:

Ancestral Quest
Family Historian
Family Tree Maker (2007 and earlier, or FTM 2012, FTM 2014; other versions use GEDCOM)
Legacy Family Tree
Personal Ancestral File (PAF)
Roots Magic (ver. 4 and later)
GEDCOM (all programs)

Charting Companion requires Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32- and 64-bit).

You can read more about Charting Companion at


Thanks for sharing this. I have been looking for a map to start marking the trails of each line in my tree. I was hoping to find one on the computer but was figuring I was going to have to settle for a paper version. Now I do not have to settle.


Reblogged this on Genea-Search and commented:
Looks like a charting tool I need to try!


A great use of space.


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