Findmypast Adds More than 197,000 Records Online

The following announcement was written by the folks at Findmypast:

This week’s Findmypast Friday highlights two fascinating sets of Criminal Petitions and nearly 7,000 Judges Reports on Criminals released early this month as part of our England and Wales Crime, Prisons and Punishment collection. Over 94,000 British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers records and 1831 census fragment records covering the parish St Julian’s in Shrewsbury are also available to search.

Registers of Criminal Petitions (HO18)

The Registers of Criminal Petitions HO 18 contain just over 19,000 further records. Some petitions have additional documents attached, such as returns of convicts recommended for early release by the governor, newspaper cuttings and other documentation. It is worth browsing through the connected images as some petitions are quite lengthy documents that will give details of family circumstances and the grounds on which they are hoping to appeal their sentence.

Registers of Criminal Petitions (HO19)

Containing over 77,000 records, the Registers of Criminal Petitions (HO 19) consists of registers of correspondence relating to criminal petitions. The records include copied letters that often refer to previous correspondence which may or may not have survived and will usually give the outcome of the appeal. The registers also note the criminals place of imprisonment.

Judges Report on Criminals (HO47)

Containing almost 7,000 records, Judges Report on Criminals (HO 47) is comprised of transcripts and images of foliated handwritten letters and reports from judges on cases and criminals and include petitions for free pardons and reductions and commutations of sentences. The records within this set are name rich as defendants, judges, witnesses and victims are all named. They are also of significant genealogical value as details of the family circumstances were often recorded as grounds for clemency.

British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920

Over 94,000 records have been added to our collection of British Army, Northumberland Fusiliers 1881-1920 records. The transcripts were created by Graham Stewart using information taken from over 70 sources including medal rolls, service records, medal index cards, battalion histories and St George’s Gazette, and the regimental paper. They list the details of men who served with the regiment during the Fourth Ashanti War (1895-1896), Sudan, Boer War, North West Frontier and the First World War. The Northumberland Fusiliers were formed in 1674 as the 5th Regiment of Foot. By the First World War the regiment was the second largest infantry regiment in the British Army. Each record consists of a transcript that can include the soldiers name, residence rank, battalion, enlistment, transfer and discharge details and any additional notes.

Shropshire, Shrewsbury St Julian’s parish, 1831 census

The Shropshire, Shrewsbury St Julian’s parish, 1831 census contains over 630 records from the ecclesiastical parish of St Julian in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The 1831 census was the fourth census to take place in Great Britain and covered England, Scotland and Wales. It was created on 30 May 1831 and only recorded the names of the head of each household. Each record includes a transcript and image of the original document held by the Shropshire Archives. As well as listing the names, addresses and marital status of each head of household, the records can also reveal the number of buildings and families they were responsible for, the number of servants within their household, whether families worked in agriculture, trade or otherwise and the number of men, women and youths under the age of 20.

Remember to check our dedicated Findmypast Fridays page every week to keep up to date with the latest new additions.

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