“The People Who Made Me,” an Illustrated Children’s Book with a Genealogy Connection

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It may be a children’s book but The People Who Made Me also is a genealogy book. It tells a young child about “the people who made me,” focusing on the child’s ancestry. It describes “Those people, who made the people, who made the people, who made me.” It also describes the adventures and sometimes hardships that many of these ancestors endured so the child could be given the gift of life.

Author Troy Hallewell is raising money on Kickstarter to fund the printing and promotion needed for this new book. He writes, “I’ve really been trying to get this project in front of the eyeballs of people interested in genealogy and I’ve had some success so far.” He also stated, “I’ve raised over $600 in pre sales, but I need to raise another $1400 in order to fully fund the project. I know this project might go unfunded and I can live with that. But I don’t want roll over and give up until I have done everything I can to promote the book.”

This looks like a worthwhile project. You can read more about The People Who Made Me at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/763002278/the-people-who-made-me-illustrated-childrens-book. You might even want to contribute to the effort. In return, you will receive one or more copies of the book when published. Details may be found at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/763002278/the-people-who-made-me-illustrated-childrens-book by looking in the Rewards column long the right side of the page.

I contributed to the project this morning and look forward to reading the book to my young grandchildren later this year.


Thanks a ton Dick! I really appreciate the help. I’ve already seen some supporters come on as a result of the post!


Thanks, Dick.

Troy Hallewell is a delight — just what I have been looking for for my grandchildren.

Sincere regards

Dave Mitchell
Cape Town
South Africa


Thanks for sharing this; I posted it to friends on Facebook and I plan to order before the day is over.


“The total cost of illustrating, publishing and printing “The People Who Made Me” is estimated to be $2000. Because of this I have created a funding goal of $2000. If I can raise $2000 by pre-selling copies of “The People Who Made Me” then I will have the money necessary to hire the artist to complete the illustrations.”
OK maybe the illustrations will cost money but there are free print on demand publishers such as http://www.Lulu.com where anyone can create and publish a book and even make a profit from selling the book online. I wonder if art colleges or online queries could find volunteer illustrators.


    Thanks for your comments Teslin.

    I’ve already found the illustrator that I plan on working with. They are the same illustrator that provided the sample illustration on the kickstarter page. I’m real excited to see the rest of the work they do on the book.

    Lulu is certainly something I will spend time looking into. But I think I can save money for the people that purchase the book by going straight to the source for book printing.

    Again, thanks!


Hey everyone,

This is Troy, the author of the book in question.

Just wanted to stop by and give a hearty “THANKS!” to Dick and all his wonderful readers! Together your generosity has resulted in the Kickstarter being fully funded… that means the book will be made!

We’re still taking orders on the kickstarter page however so feel free to check it out and support it if you’re interested.

You guys and gals are the best!

Troy Hallewell
Author, The People Who Made Me



The People Who Made Me has been 100% completed and the hardcover, eBook and audio version, call all be found at SnaggletoothPublishing.com!

I’d like to thank Dick Eastman for originally highlighting this on his blog. His involvement had a significant influence on the eventual success of the book, which, like life, was far more work than I ever expected.

Thanks, Dick! And if any of his blog readers want a free eBook version just send me an email and let me know.


(remove the dashes)

Thanks again!



Hi, I came across this book on snaggletoothpublishing. While the story is what inspired this book, I must say the illustrations are what grabbed me, and had me lingering over pages, especially the beautiful genealogy tree at the end. I googled all over for “Phuong Lam” to find more about the artist and see more of his/her illustrations, but haven’t been able to find a trace – even this book does not come up. Since the illustrations make up so much of the book, I was wondering if you’d consider adding more about the artist including a bio.


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