Another Method of Finding Your Ancestors: Use Time Travel

NOTE: I have no way of verifying the accuracy of these claims. In fact, I have serious doubts about them. However, this story does present some intriguing facts and makes for interesting speculation.

Did a few time travelers from the year 8100 go back in time to see the past for themselves? Have time travelers from Suffolk in the year 8100 been attempting to make contact with the past through the use of UFOs and “complex pictures (crop circles) in English fields?”

Several books and web sites make that claim. They also speculate that the time travelers were here only to observe their history. Maybe they are future genealogists.

A former US Air Force commander claims to have gathered new evidence which proves that a UFO landed in 1980 in Rendlesham Forest, near a US airbase in Suffolk, England. Officially, there was nothing seen on radar that night. However, the “landing” or whatever it may have been was witnessed by 30 US servicemen, as well as by several British policemen.

The object reportedly “transmitted a long binary code by electronic telepathy” to one observer’s brain. One book, Encounter in Rendlesham Forest by Nick Pope, John Burroughs, and Jim Penniston, speculates that the craft’s occupants may have been robots. (John Burroughs and Jim Penniston were the two U.S. Air Force officers at the heart of the encounter.)

The binary code reportedly has been decoded and appears to be the kind of message which would be given out by a team of human scientists from our future who are/will be engaged with exploring their past (or our present). According to the book, the code apparently suggests that time travelers from Suffolk in the year 8100 have been attempting to make contact with the past through the use of UFOs and “complex pictures in English fields,” otherwise referred to as crop circles.

Is this story fact or fable? I don’t know, but it certainly is interesting. Do time travelers from our distant future really exist? Very possibly, unless the entire Woodbridge UFO contact and this long binary code are both elaborate hoaxes, which is equally possible.

If it is real, can those future time travelers go back another 200 years to find the origins of my great-great-grandfather? I’d like to know.

There is a BBC video showing Lt. Col. Charles Halt (retired), former deputy base commander at RAF Bentwaters, available on YouTube at

The book, Encounter in Rendlesham Forest by Nick Pope, John Burroughs, and Jim Penniston, may be ordered from Amazon as a Kindle ebook, a paperback, or as a hard cover book from Amazon at

Numerous web sites provide details about the incident in Rendlesham Forest, including:

The Rendlesham Forest Incident at

BBC News:

The Week at

The Crop Circle Connector at

Wikipedia at

UFO Evidence at

A report from The Guardian that disputes the claims of a UFO landing at

…and many more.


Unfortunately, time travel will never exist. For if it were to exist in the future, just imagine the crowds that would travel back in time to witness Christ’s resurrection, Lincoln’s murder, the Crossing of the Delaware and a multitude of other historic events. But as we know from history, there weren’t masses of people standing around to witness these events.


The source of this (News of the World — a well known tabloid) says it all about the article’s credibility. Interesting concept, however.


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