Are You Receiving Too Many Email Notices of New Articles in this Newsletter?

In the past few weeks, a number of people have sent email messages to me complaining they are receiving multiple email messages from this newsletter every day, sometimes two or three email messages within an hour. They usually ask me to stop that. Sadly, I have no control over that. If you also have the same problem, read on for a description of the problem and a possible solution.

I do offer a once-a-day email message service free of charge. If you would like to receive ONE EMAIL MESSAGE PER DAY containing a synopsis of all the articles published in the previous 24 hours, go to and click on “Subscribe to the FREE Standard Edition Newsletter!” near the upper right-hand corner. A copy of that is shown to the right. That will take you to where you will see a subscription screen that looks like this:

Correct subscription form is a service I pay for and I can access my list of subscribers at any time and I can control delivery options there as well.

Other options for subscribing via the “approved method” include once-a-day notices sent to you by Tweets, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Your choice.

You also can unsubscribe at any time within seconds with no hassle. Details may be found here.

In addition, Plus Edition subscribers receive an email message from me ONCE A WEEK with complete copies of all new articles published in the past week, including Plus Edition articles.

HOWEVER, please keep in mind that those are not the only methods of receiving newsletter-articles-to-email messages from this newsletter. Several other services do the same, including Google Plus, MailChimp,,, WordPress,, and probably a few others that I cannot remember at this moment. Most of these services also add in their own advertisements as a way of making a profit from their otherwise “free” services. If you are receiving more than one email message per day with new articles from this newsletter, you probably subscribed via one of those other services.

The options vary amongst the different services. I haven’t tested all of them but I do know that some of them offer to send an email message to you within minutes after a new article appears on If I post 8 or 10 new articles in one day, that results in 8 or 10 new email messages in your in-box that day. Other newsletter-articles-to-email services may instead send email messages once a day or once a week.

Here is my recommendation if you are receiving multiple email message per day claiming to be from this newsletter:

The more reputable services always have a link for “Unsubscribe from this service” somewhere near the beginning or near the end of each message they send. Click on that link to cancel your subscription if it does not meet your needs. A few of the disreputable services may not provide an option to unsubscribe, however. In that case, you can set up an email filter to immediately place those messages in your Trash folder upon receipt so at least you won’t be bothered with them.

Once the present problem is cleared up, if you would like to subscribe to the ONCE-A-DAY email notices for articles published in this newsletter, go to and click on “Subscribe to the FREE Standard Edition Newsletter!” near the upper right-hand corner. That will take you to is a service I pay for and I can access my list of subscribers at any time and I can control delivery options there as well. FeedBlitz also does not insert any extra advertising in the email. Instead, those messages always contain ONE ADVERTISEMENT for MyHeritage that I inserted.

If you follow that process, I will not be flooding your in-box with email messages.

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Things are fine here.
My problem is with a newsletter from another outlet which has an “unsubscribe” feature. I ought to know, I’ve used it several times… It doesn’t do the job. I don’t like the company’s slant on the news. There just seems to be no way for me to get rid of them. I thought maybe marking them as “Junk” when I get them–sending them to that file–would work. It doesn’t. Annoying… Any suggestions?


    —> Any suggestions?

    Most email programs allow you to create “filters,” instructions that state what to do with newly-received email messages. The instructions for creating a filter will vary widely from one email program to another but all the reputable email products do have that capability.

    Let’s say you are receiving unwanted email messages from “”. Simply create a filter that says, “On any email message received from, do not display it but immediately send it to the trash.”

    That way you will never see the messages and will not be bothered by them.


    I haven’t set that filter feature up before nor did I realize how it worked. I’ll get my Windows 8.1 Book for Dummies out and see if it will walk me through it. Thank you, Dick!


    The instructions for setting up filters should be in the manual or help file for the email program you are using, not in the Windows manuals. Each email program is different. For instance, if you use Outlook to read and write email messages, look in an Outlook manual or help file or search the web for “Outlook filters.” If you use Gmail for email, look at

    If you use Hotmail for email, I cannot find a web page on that explains filters but several other web sites do have tutorials for Hotmail filters. Go to and search for “Hotmail filters”


    Oh. Thanks for the explanation. I have a hotmail e-mail address but I think hotmail got bought out by Outlook since that’s what seems to come up any more as an official name. In fact, there have been a couple of changes over the past few years and it isn’t clear to me. I’ll have to check out those websites you suggest. I got some tutorials by e-mail from Outlook a few months ago and some of them didn’t apply anymore. It’s always been a little confusing to me ever since I switched from Windows XP to 8.1 . Just when I think I get the new instructions, something else changes and I’m confused again.

    Thanks much for your being willing to explain it to me. I’ll poke around and see if I can figure it out.


    Outlook and Hotmail are both brand names owned by Microsoft.


Yes, and I can use my Hotmail addy, rather than switching to another, according to what Outlook information stated months ago. Therefore, I suppose I should start by seeing whether the filters change is done within the Outlook platform instead of Hotmail, per se. But then, we’ll see… If one doesn’t work, I’ll try the other. Of course, now I’ll have to wait until that annoying newsletter sends out its next message because I deleted the one I just got.

Thanks again.


Alternative Solutions
1) “Subscribe” to the newsletter by an RSS feed. See “Entries RSS” in the Meta section on each page. You will need to have an RSS reader or addin (I use the Bamboo reader as an addin to the Thunderbird Email program). When sick of a subscription just delete it from your RSS feed.
2) “Subscribe” via a throwaway (free) email address (such as via ). Use a different address for each subscription but get those addresses forwarded to your own email. When sick of a subscription either block it in the control page – or delete it.
Either way you have control.


Even though I subscribe to the Plus edition, I still get the individual emails. It’s the only way I have a chance of keeping up with everything that is going on. Thumbs up to both.


I’ve been receiving the standard edition for years and off and on subscribe to the plus edition. A month or so ago I started receiving individual, multiple daily versions of each article in the standard edition. I DID NOT SUBSCRIBE to anything new as I received the standard edition. They just showed up. I have unsubscribed as you suggested, Dick and hope they will go away. Thanks for this timely explanation. Those extra individual articles had just started to become really annoying. LOL


I, too, am receiving daily and weekly notices. I went to the subscription management page and changed “daily” to “weekly.” Today, still getting both. Went in again, and it still said “daily.” Changed it to “weekly” again. Will see tomorrow.


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