Jamestown Discovery: Graves of Four Founders Unearthed

Archaeologists working to excavate the earliest European settlement on Jamestown Island have discovered the graves of four of the men believed to have founded English America. The graves were discovered beneath what was the chancel — an area usually reserved for clergy — of the first church on the island, which stood from 1608 to 1616.

Those buried are believed to be:

  • Rev. Robert Hunt: Jamestown’s first Anglican minister and founder of James Fort’s first church
  • Capt. Gabriel Archer: Central political figure at Jamestown and a nemesis of Capt. John Smith
  • Sir Ferdinando Wainman: Knight who came to Jamestown with Lord De la Warr, or Thomas West, who later became the colony’s leader
  • Capt. William West: Nephew of Lord De la Warr

You can read the details in an article by Gregory Connolly in the WY Daily at http://goo.gl/S4zNZH.

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Fascinating. I saw a PBS special about excavation there and I guess they’re still at it.


David Paul Davenport July 29, 2015 at 9:47 pm

Saw a nice piece about this on CBS news tonight. Had to laugh at the “ignorance” of the news people who talked about the English settlement at Jamestown while showing (among other things) the British Union Jack flag that didn’t exist when Jamestown was settled in 1607. They should have displayed the English flag, red “plus sign” on white field.


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