Use to Find Out What May Have Happened to Your Family is a genealogy site that contains information on the historic disasters, events, and tragic accidents our ancestors endured, as well as, information about their life and death. Database and records searchable by surname as well as by the name of a disaster or by Year or by U.S. State. A separate section of the site contains information about disasters in Canada.

I don’t think the site has every disaster but it certainly describes many. If you are wondering why a family member abruptly disappeared, you might want to check this site. Also, some families had to relocate after a disaster, such as floods or late spring blizzards that destroyed newly-planted crops.

GenDisasters may be found at


Thank you so much for mentioning us!!! You are right, we don’t have every disaster – and have a big file of “find out more about these” that we are working on. So, we add disasters every week, sometimes every day. At last count, we had 23,000 train wrecks, tornadoes, fires, etc. online, including accidents Again, thanks so much for thinking of us.
Teri, Stu and everyone else at


Thank you for your article. I wrote about this topic on my blog a few years ago. This is a great resource. I learned of a severe tornado in Mt. Carmel, IL on Gendisasters that occurred just before my ancestors moved with their 13 children to Washington State. Many people killed, government buildings and homes destroyed. It might have been the push that convinced them to move. These details really add dimension beyond dates and names. I hope your article inspires people to take a little time to search and hopefully learn some exciting (or at times heartbreaking) details about their family’s experiences with natural or man made disasters.


I am trying to use this website to look up a specific person, a relative, who was in a disaster. It has been suggested that one can search by name of person but the two obvious “name search” objects on the website are for commercial companies. Am I missing something? How does one look up a person?


    The search box in the upper right corner of says you can Browse by Disaster Browse by Year Browse by State Browse Canada. I don’t see a “Search Disasters by a Participant’s Name” capability. I do see some advertisements on the web site for other online services but they are not a part of


It’s a brilliant idea – it deserves to be extended across the ocean to Europe.


If you find medical epidemics they should be added as well. Just knowing when these happened can fill in a death cause.


Thank you. I have found over the years that some personal, community, or historic disaster is the source of every brick wall I have ever encountered. Now, when I’m running into one, I step back and look at what might have befallen the family.


How can we contact I was wondering about a page that is no longer there on a plane accident that took the life of my great grandmother. Las Vegas plane crash 1958


Heather Covington June 2, 2017 at 9:54 am

Does anyone know if this site has changed it’s address? I cannot access it due to constant connection time outs.


    This is Teri from GenDisasters. The server guys are working on the problem and hopefully, will have it fixed soon. Our traffic has been incredible today (thank you Dick Eastman).


The site appears to non – functioning as of at least the last couple of days. There is also a post from someone on their Facebook page on July 20th asking what was wrong with the website. There was never a response to that question.


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