Announcing the Launch of new Website for the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA)

The following announcement was written by the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives:

AGRAlogo_largeMost people researching their family will need a little expert help from time to time. Finding a reliable professional genealogist in England and Wales has just become a whole lot easier thanks to the redesigned AGRA website at

AGRA (the Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) was established in 1968 to represent genealogy professionals in England and Wales, and to maintain and promote the highest standards of work in this field. Although the Association has had a website for many years, it has now had a complete make-over.

As well as a fresh, modern look and improved performance on mobile devices, the re-vamped site has an easy-to-use search facility giving access to details of all AGRA’s genealogists. Associates, often new entrants to the profession in the process of working towards AGRA accreditation, are included in the online directory for the first time. However, they are clearly distinguished from the Members – experienced professionals whose work has been rigorously scrutinised and approved by AGRA’s Board of Assessors.


The new “Find a Researcher” feature allows users to select by the type of service they need (research, talks, advice etc), by a range of specialist subjects, by geographic expertise, or by the researcher’s location (region or county). All four elements can be combined to home in on a short-list of suitable researchers. There is even a free-text search so that users can enter their own keywords if they are looking for something specific that is not on the standard lists.

Alternatively, visitors can zoom in to select professional researchers directly from an interactive map – particularly useful where their location is a key factor.

Ian Waller, chairman of AGRA said: “We believe that family historians thinking of hiring a professional genealogist to help them will find our new website of great benefit – whether they know exactly what skills they are looking for or just want to browse through the individual entries to find the person they need.”

Professionals wishing to join AGRA themselves will appreciate the improved online application system, through which they can directly upload the portfolio of documents which must be submitted to the Board of Assessors prior to interview.

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