She Went to College to Study Anthropology and Found Her Slave Ancestors Nearby

This story seems ironic although I doubt if it is the first time something like this happened. Michelle Taylor recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University. Like millions of other people, Taylor started researching her own ancestry. She was surprised to not only find dusty old records, but to even visit the cabin where her ancestor, freed slave George Gilmore, lived. He was a man who had been enslaved by James Madison at Montpelier, about 30 miles northwest of her school.

You can read the full story in an article by Moriah Balingit in the Washington Post at

My thanks to the several newsletter readers who sent me links to this interesting article.


I wonder where the old records that had become dusty had been stored.


This is not really the same, but I recently discovered that we live near a distant cousin and his historical home. Dwight P Wilmot, b. 1879, settled in the area we now live, Evergreen, CO. He gave our town it’s name, was a teacher, and donated land for a school, Wilmot Elementary which is next to the High School. His house is just across the street and is occupied by two of our Genealogical Societies long time members. My daughter is Dwight’s 6th cousin, 5 times removed and wants to be a Teacher.


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