Family Historian Offers 20% Discount for Family Tree Maker Users

The following announcement was written by the folks at Calico Pie, producers of Family Historian Software:

9th December, 2015 – Calico Pie today announced a 20% discount offer for Family Tree Maker users

FamilyHistorian for FTMFollowing the recent announcement by Ancestry that Family Tree Maker will be discontinued, Calico Pie has today offered a 20% discount off the price of download licences for Family Historian 6, to users of Family Tree Maker. The offer is open until the end of January 2016.

Family Tree Maker users who wish to take advantage of this offer should visit and follow the links. Calico Pie’s CEO, Simon Orde, has promised a warm welcome to Family Tree Maker users looking for a new home. “We’re getting a lot of enquiries from Family Tree Maker users. We’ve put up a Frequently Asked Questions page for FTM users. We encourage everyone to download the Family Historian trial and try it out for themselves. If you have questions we encourage you to join the Family Historian User Group website and post them there. All the information and links you need are on the page, or the FAQ page linked to it.”

Family Historian is a powerful, desktop genealogy program for Windows. It has frequently come first in group comparison tests of top genealogy programs, including emerging as the group test winner in the last two comparisons tests performed by Which? Computing, the prestigious consumer magazine. It has won a Top Rated Genealogy Software award every year for the last four years from GenSoftReviews. It recently won an award from Your Family Tree magazine in a review that heaped praise on the program, concluding: “The crown for best PC software belongs to Family Historian 6 for 2015!”.

Family Historian 6 runs on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or Vista.


Not for Mac users though by the looks of it


Thank you!! For all the genealogy information you have emailed to me.
BUT the best has been the alternative information for FTM. I am so disappointed in them and am going to change after of years of using their Ancestry website. Is there somewhere where I can transfer my Ancestry DNA and get matches? that would be perfect.


    Sure there are, but Ancestry is probably the biggest and will give you the most matches. You can download your raw Ancestry DNA to your computer and upload it to FTDNA or GedMatch for starters. I’m sure there are others too, such as 23andMe, but I am less familiar with them.


    You can indeed transfer to GEDmatch for free, and FTDNA for $39, though it’s also possible to do it for free if you get a few others to do it too. Details on their site.

    You can’t transfer to 23andme, but since they’ve doubled(!) their price, I don’t see their subscriber base growing much. I find that my active matches on 23andme are all on GEDmatch anyway.

    I recommend transferring to GEDmatch, where they have a large and growing pool of people from all of the “Big 3” consumer testing services. The interface is nowhere near as slick as Ancestry’s, but the tools are far more powerful, and there’s plenty of help available in Yahoo and Facebook groups for getting up to speed there. They can match you to members who transferred results from any of the Big 3 sites, something no other service yet offers.

    I also recommend the free transfer to FTDNA. You’ll get to see your first 20 matches for free – more than enough to see whether you have any new matches there worth spending the additional $39 to get in touch with.


    I got more, better DNA matches at GEDmatch and FamilyTreeDNA than I ever did at Ancestry. And the matches at those other 2 places seem to want to connect with matches and will answer my emails. I have deleted my DNA tests from ancestry.


I have been reading a lot of good things about Family Historian the past few days, and how they repeatedly rank as #1 among various programs. I watched their “get familiar with us” video and was even more impressed. It looks a lot like FTM, but with added advantages in charting and reports, making your own family website, as well as media tagging. It looks like a winner!

I chuckled a bit at one of their statements, though: “Web hints access MyHeritage databases, with more providers on the way. We will integrate with Ancestry, too, if they let us.”

Well…hopefully Ancestry “will let them” access their databases. Since Ancestry no longer wants to support a desktop program, it’s the least they can do in order to make a smoother transition for many of us 20+ years customers. It would allow me to keep accessing the Ancestry records I know and love, with easy import into my desktop family tree. I’m crossing my fingers…

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I still hae not seen a program as well constructed as The Master Genealogist. none of them match the standards of a serious genealogist.

What really blows my mind is the fact that the program was offered free f charge to any genealogy program and apparently, no one has taken them up on it. I guess they are happy with their confusing , complicated way instead of grabbing such a gift.


    I don’t have any first-hand information but I understand that the underlying data organization in The Master Genealogist was quite dated and relied on other aging or discontinued software “under the hood” to manage your genealogical data. Presumably someone would have to completely re-write the software from the bottom-up to keep up with new operating systems and hardware. I’m aware of companies that have done just that for engineering software but maintained a certain “look-and-feel” from the old software. This is a form of reverse-engineering and often done to avoid legal difficulties as much as improving product performance. With FTM’s demise, perhaps someone will pick up the banner and create a product similar to FTM or TMG.


EVERYBODY is offering a bargain price on their software. Not now! I’ve spent my money on Christmas gifts and will spend the rest to heat my house this winter. Next summer I might have disposable income for a luxury such as genealogy software. The FTM will still work you just won’t be able to sync to your on line tree and no shaky leaves. I plan to use the next 12 months to experiment with new software. I’ve downloaded a few trials so far but it will take time to evaluate them. I would expect there will be these same bargain deals next year when support for ancestry software ceases.


I have tried Family Historian and liked it–BUT i was unable to produce an Ahnentafel on this program. there was something similar that was not totally successful. Any suggestions?


    I am standing in the Family Historian stand at Who Do You Think You Are? Live! And am looking at their ahnentafel reports, available in several different formats. Their answer to your questions is “Contact our customer service by email or phone call. We can walk you through the procedure to generate all sorts of ahnentafel reports.”


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