RootsMagic offers an Upgrade for Family Tree Maker Users, including a Free Book and Magic Guides

As mentioned earlier at, has announced the retirement of its Family Tree Maker genealogy software. Family Tree Maker support and online features will continue through the coming year. During this “sunset period”, many Family Tree Maker users will want to transfer their data into another desktop application that is actively being developed and updated such as RootsMagic. The folks at RootsMagic are offering a package that will make the transition as painless as possible.

The following is a quote from the RootsMagic Blog at

A New Home

Over the past few years, thousands of Family Tree Maker users have made the switch to RootsMagic. They’ve enjoyed its amazing new features such as color coding, Problem Alerts, Shareable CD’s, running straight off of a flash drive, FamilySearch integration, DataClean, multi-provider WebHints, Mac and Windows versions with a single license, and more!

To make the transition as painless as possible, we’ve set-up a special website at that includes training videos, testimonials, and more. And for a limited time, we are offering Family Tree Maker users the full-version of RootsMagic for the amazing low price of only $20. We will also include the printed book, “Getting the Most out of RootsMagic” absolutely free (a $14.95 value). You must visit to receive the discount.

Of course, we also offer a free version of RootsMagic named RootsMagic Essentials that offers basic capabilities for those who are just beginning their genealogy journey.

Free Videos and Magic Guides

We’ve also put together special videos and printable “Magic Guides” to help you with the transition. We encourage our users to download these guides and freely share them with any Family Tree Maker users who may benefit from them.

Importing Family Tree Maker (2008 – 2014) Files into RootsMagic (Video) (Printable Guide)
Importing Family Tree Maker (2006 and Older) into RootsMagic (Video) (Printable Guide)

We’re Here to Help

If you’re a Family Tree Maker user, we understand that change isn’t easy. But with a little of your time and a little help from us, you’ll be just as comfortable with RootsMagic as you were with Family Tree Maker.

You can read more at The special website for Family Tree Maker users is available at:


Dick –

Can you find out from RootsMagic just how long they intend to offer this special rate?

Since they jumped on the (substitute) bandwagon very early, I’m thinking other companies might as well, and we might want to take some time to consider offers that other companies will make available shortly.

Knowing how long the offer will be good would be helpful.




Did the research and I’ve already ordered mine. It looks like the best alternative available.


I just purchased and downloaded RootsMagic to run on my Mac as a replacement for FTM. I went with this program because I thought that it would import FTM files, thus avoiding the loss of information that comes from going through GEDCOM files. After installing/registering the program I discover that it only imports FTM files for pre-2006 version of FTM, and then when I try to exit the program it just ignores the Quit command. Going through Force Quit I do not see RootsMagic running, but I do see a wine product, which is a sneaky way to run a non-Mac program on a Mac machine. I was, fool that I am, expecting a native Mac program.
So, $25 poorer, I plan to remove this thing from my computer and look for other alternatives.


    Please see the following from Legacy today –
    How do I import my FTM file into Legacy?
    It’s just a 2-step process – export and import. Click here for the free guide or click here to watch the 90 second video. Everything including your names, dates, places, notes, sources, and even your pictures if you’re using a newer version of FTM (2012 or later) import into Legacy.
    Can I import my Ancestry tree into Legacy?
    Yep. At, go to Trees > Create & Manage Trees > Manage Tree > Export Tree. This will create a GEDCOM file that can then be imported into Legacy using the import steps as listed in the free guide. However, pictures will not be included. The work-around is to use your FTM software to sync with your Ancestry tree, then follow import/export steps.


    wine is not sneaky, RootsMagic was sneaky to use it without telling you. I use wine all the time, knowingly, on Linux to run a program I need that only has a Windows version.


Ance$try ruined Family Tree Maker – It was a much better product in the Broderbund days – I’ve stayed with it only because it was what I was used to – This may be a good thing b/c it will finish the connection to Ance$try for me – except as offered through my Public Library. Have never registered my FTM2014 and have never connected to Ance$try from it. I’ve heard some good things about Legacy. I am going to take my time and do my research before I switch from FTM 2014 to anything. My Family Tree resides on my Hard Drive and nowhere else.


Several years ago when FTM required yearly updates, I went in search of alternative programs. I tried Roots Magic and was disappointed to see that about 1/2 of my citations were lost in the transfer. I stewed for over a year and finally decided to try the free Legacy. It worked with very little loss of my thousands of long collected records. I upgraded to the full purchase program later, and have been doing the happy dance ever since.
Dancing Pam


Does this mean that I will lose all of my families that I have on my computer??


    —> Does this mean that I will lose all of my families that I have on my computer??

    No. All your data can be copied over to the new program within a minute or two. Instructions are given both within the program itself and also in the book that is included with this special offer.


I am in a state of disbelief and feel somewhat blindsided. I saw changes coming and attempted to adjust to the changes over this past year, but to have the updating of not yet addressing how they would incorporate the FTM benefits (purchased in the World version) into their New Ancestry lacking in scope at this time, leaves me numb. We will all survive but having to address this during the holidays is not favorably received. Thanks to Dick Eastman … I feel less abandoned. I hope they will show less passive resolution of this situation and be more consumer friendly in their business decisions and transactions. I will address the “issue” after I have time to digest what ancestry may be contemplating for their next move before making my own.


Maybe someone will adapt the old user-friendly FTM-16 into a new program that keeps the friendly nature.


Well now I feel fooled by RootsMagic! I can’t win. If I lose half my citations transferring then it’s useless. $25 down the drain. Wonder if I should even bother trying to transfer it. Sigh.


A word of caution about RootsMagic. If you used the Description field in the Fact excessively (as I have done) in FTM 2014, the import into RootsMagic truncates this field. I have lost probably 2/3 of my field information on 13,500 people x at minimum 5 Facts per person. If you haven’t used this field or put in mimimal information (about 50-60 characters) you should be okay. I checked the GEDCOM 5.5 file by importing it back into FTM 2014 and the information was in the GEDCOM. But, given this major setback, RootsMagic is not the one to replace FTM 2014 for me. Notes, Media, and all Custom Facts except one SEEMED to have imported okay. I have done spot checks but not reviewed the entire file. I have written a blurb about my experience on my FaceBook page for anyone interested.


The most important report I create on ftm is a family group sheet that also has the person’s tree on top both on 1 page. Does roots magic have a similar report?


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