The Glass Files to Privately Protect a Family’s Memories

logo_the-glass-filesThe Glass Files is a web site designed for families who wish privately protect family memories and yet to also make them easily available to other family members who are invited to see and even contribute to those memories. The website, tag-lined a place for history on the Internet, is set to launch early next spring along with a mobile app.

The business primarily markets to families wishing to upload archives from their past in any medium, whether video, photo, or any other type of documentation. In a prototype of the site, developer Sarah Poyet presents video footage of her grandfather’s interview alongside documents from his arrival to the U.S. to tell his story. The website allows users to attach information to their material and tag items to a particular point of history, which relates a personal story to major events of that time period. The Glass Files is private by default. Poyet says she believes a collection from a family’s history should be intimate and safe from inappropriate use.

More than 700 families around New York City have already signed up to use the service for free as a promotional pre-launch for the site. Other family groups will be charged a monthly fee.

The Glass Files is available at although there isn’t much to see there. After all, the site is still in development. The first 1,001 families who sign up get eternal access for free.


How is this different than Evernote? What can Glass Files do that Evernote can’t?


    —> What can Glass Files do that Evernote can’t?

    Evernote is not a genealogy application. It cannot draw pedigree charts, create lists of descendants, show relationships, or other things we expect in a genealogy application. We haven’t yet seen Glass Files but, as a genealogy application, we can assume that it does at least some of those things.

    Evernote is a great application for storing, organizing, and retrieving notes. The notes can include web pages, audio files, videos, and more. I use Evernote every day and love it but I don’t consider it to be a genealogy application.


Sorry about that. Dead is dead & we generally are only responsible for our own actions.


Hello – is there a link to the prototype?


Thanks for your interest all! and a big thanks to Dick Eastman for writing about us. The Glass Files is not a genealogy tool per se – we’re a media-centric site providing a platform for families to tell the stories of their lives and their ancestors’ lives, and keep them for posterity. I think it’s a tool that will complement genealogy work, and give the opportunity for everyday people to contribute our piece of History to the global narrative. Stay tuned for our launch, and Happy Holidays!


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