HuMo-gen: An Online, Web-Based Genealogy Program

HuMo-gen is an open source and free genealogy program that is installed on a web server. Unlike some other programs, HuMo-gen was not created by a corporation with an army of programmers. It was created by and is maintained by genealogy hobbyists who are also users of the program. The program can be used either as a web site in which you publish your genealogy information to the world or as your own personal genealogy program with all the information visible only to yourself or perhaps to a small number of relatives that you invite to participate. You decide who has access to the family tree.


HuMo-gen is classified as a GEDCOM to PHP program. This means it can accept a GEDCOM file (files that can be created and exported by all major genealogy programs) and convert that file to PHP files that display dynamic webpages on the Internet.

If you use HuMo-gen as a personal genealogy program, it will function in much the same manner as Family Tree Builder, Reunion, MacFamilyTree, RootsMagic, Heredis, Legacy Family Tree, Ancestral Quest, GRAMPS, and a dozen or so other genealogy programs. The only significant difference is that the data and the program itself will reside on a web server on the Internet, not on a fragile hard drive in your own computer. You will have full control over the information contained within your own family tree database.

The information stored in HuMo-gen will be visible from a desktop computer, laptop, or a handheld tablet or smartphone. You have the option of requiring user names and passwords to view your data. You also can update that information at any time. All that is required is the web server and an Internet connection. You can either enter data manually from a keyboard or import it from a standard GEDCOM file created by a different genealogy program.

NOTE #1: HuMo-gen is not a project for the computer novice. To install and maintain HuMo-gen, you or someone else must have knowledge of web servers, HTML, PHP, CSS style sheets, and other web technologies. If you are not familiar with those terms, I suggest you not attempt this project by yourself.

NOTE #2: Technically, a web server is not an absolute requirement. Anyone who possesses enough technical knowledge could install HuMo-gen along with Apache, PHP, and other required web server programs on a local Linux, Windows or Macintosh computer at home and use it as a server without connecting to the Internet. However, I doubt if anyone would want to do so; it would require a lot of work to simply duplicate the functionality of other genealogy programs that are already easily available, including Family Tree Builder, GRAMPS, Reunion, MacFamilyTree, RootsMagic, Heredis, Legacy Family Tree, and others. The biggest advantages of HuMo-gen become apparent only when installed on a web server on the Internet.

HuMo-gen has many of the features genealogists expect in today’s software, including these:

  • Pictures, texts, source citations
  • Filter out or display information about living persons as you wish
  • Handles and displays multiple marriages
  • Show living places, religions and pictures
  • Storage of a number of attributes for each member of the family tree, from the basic names and dates to locations, witnesses, and sources, and you can add attached files to any family member as well.
  • A mobile interface for use from tablet computers
  • An automatically adjusted interface for smartphones
  • RTF export of ancestor and descendant reports
  • Reports in PDF format
  • DNA charts
  • An extended marital relation calculator that will find any connection between two people, even across multiple marriages
  • An hourglass chart
  • Visitor registration
  • Privacy filters and adoption editing
  • A simple backup and restore feature
  • Merging of multiple GEDCOM files
  • Export part of a family tree to a GEDCOM file


In addition, HuMo-gen has additional features found in only a very few other genealogy programs:

  • All screens shown within HuMo-gen can be modified by changing the CSS style sheets and PHP files. If you do not like the way the program displays the facts within your database, you can change the display or even create new methods of displaying the information.
  • Correct translation of ASCII, ANSI or ANSEL characters
  • A built-in CMS (Content Management System) that allows you to design your own beautiful web pages from within HuMo-gen
  • You can decide whether or not the family tree can be indexed by search engines
  • Access control groups, allowing you to decide which information is public, and what additional information is revealed to any number of tiers of access.
  • Free – HuMo-gen is distributed under GNU-GPL license. No charge, no spyware, and no malware included.
  • Open-source – The program files are written in PHP and, if desired, may be adjusted for personal needs by anyone with some knowledge of that programming language.
  • HuMo-gen is programmed in PHP and MySQL, allowing it to run on nearly any standard web server platform of your choosing.

Originally created in 1999 by Dutch developer Huub Mons, HuMo-gen is now supported by a team of unpaid enthusiasts and is available in English (both American and Canadian spellings), Dutch, German, Danish, Russian, Hungarian and Traditional Chinese. It is still being actively developed.

The HuMo-gen software and its source code are available for download from SourceForge, made available as open source under version 3 of the GPL.

You can learn more about HuMo-gen at its web site at as well as in a YouTube video at and also visible in the video player below:


Do you know if it is PC only? The video and the site never specify whether it will work on a Mac or not.


    —> Do you know if it is PC only?

    It works on web servers. Most web servers are located in data centers and run Linux but a few might run on UNIX, Windows, or Macintosh.

    The person who wishes to to access the web server could use Windows, Macintosh, Android, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, or most any other operating system

    For comparison, this newsletter’s web server at runs on Linux but you can access this newsletter from your Windows, Macintosh, Android, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook, or other system. The same is true for HuMo-gen.


Would this be another option to have my tree “out there”? Even if I don’t do any additional work on it? I don’t understand whether I can upload a GEDcom and it will be there on the site or do I have to have some computer knowledge to make my own site? I really like the look of almost all their pages. The only one I didn’t care for was in themes so easy not to use that one. I didn’t see if it was possible for anyone to contact me from my tree. Is that a feature? I’d like to play around with this one.


    —> I don’t understand whether I can upload a GEDcom and it will be there on the site or do I have to have some computer knowledge to make my own site?

    You can upload a GEDCOM file and the data from that file will be visible to Google and all the other search engines if you make the information public. HOWEVER, you do have to have more than minimal computer knowledge to install, configure, and maintain HuMo-gen.

    I will repeat what I wrote in the article: “HuMo-gen is not a project for the computer novice. To install and maintain HuMo-gen, you or someone else must have knowledge of web servers, HTML, PHP, CSS style sheets, and other web technologies. If you are not familiar with those terms, I suggest you not attempt this project by yourself.”


Thank you for the review! The first screen shot of the general HuMo-gen website is old, I made a new website this year:


We use WordPress as CMS tool for our family website. Of course, we could just use a link to humo-gen and it should work. Is a more complete integration to WordPress in the works?


    Hello Dennis,

    I didn’t tested HuMo-gen in WordPress yet, but normally HuMo-gen works fine if it’s includes in a CMS like Joomla etc. And we have made a build-in CMS in HuMo-gen…


Can Humo-Gen be run from a cloud server?


Hi — I’m having a problem with logins on my Humogen site. I can login as admin and I can create accounts for my family members but they are unable to login. I’m stuck and I need help. I will pay consulting fees if needed. Please get in touch if you can help, or refer me to someone who can. Thanks! — Dan


    Hello Dan,

    It’s never needed to pay for HuMo-gen support! There is a HuMo-gen forum at our website for all support you needed.

    It’s a strange problem, login for family members should work. Can you try to add a new family member, with a short user name, and simple password? Then try to login with this new account.

    Another option: maybe the user database table is corrupt. You can re-create the user table: go to Admin -> Control -> Install. Then select: (Re) create user tree table.
    This will re-create the user table, all existing users will be gone.

    Also check the user – groups settings.

    If there are still problems, I’m curious what exactly is going wrong. Is there any fault message?


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