Use Dropbox on Your Chromebook and Add it to File Manager

I have written a number of times about Chromebooks. Click here to find my past Chromebook articles. These low-cost laptop computers are great for many purposes even though they do not have many genealogy apps. Chromebooks can save files and documents in any of several cloud file storage services or in the Chromebook’s internal hard drive or in a Secure Digital memory card or in a flashdrive or other external storage device that connects via the USB connector.

The Chromebook’s default is to use Google Drive for storage. Many people prefer Dropbox. Of course, you can always use Dropbox’s web interface at but now there is an easier way.


File System for Dropbox is a free Chrome app that integrates your Dropbox files right into Chrome OS’s file manager. I just installed it on my Chromebook and found it is easy to use, faster than using the Dropbox web interface, and it quickly finds files by using the Chromebook’s SEARCH option.

File System for Dropbox mounts your Dropbox account to the Chrome operating system. You then see a file manger that looks like file managers on other operating systems but it also shows the Dropbox files along with files stored in Google Drive, in an SD card, in a flashdrive, or elsewhere. If you use a Chromebook and also use Dropbox, you want this app!

File System for Dropbox is available in the Chrome App Store and step-by-step instructions for installing it may be found in an article by Andrew E. Freedman at


Got my new acer chromebook on Black Friday weekend for $100. Am enjoying it. Installed my dropbox on it. No problem. However cannot open all the odt files from Open Office. Tried a couple of file viewers in chrome store but they did not appear to work (as most of the reviews said). Any suggestions? Again thanks for the heads up about the Chromebook sale, the Dropbox installation and all the many suggestions of yours I have used. Happy Holidays!


I could not figure out how to use the rollApp file viewer as an extension but was able to use Open Document Viewer (, an app from the chrome web store. I pinned it to the shelf and was able to select a document and then view it. Thank you again. Enjoy your holidays.


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