Findmypast and sister site Mocavo Come Together

Today’s announcement strikes me as an excellent marriage. Formerly known as DC Thomson Family History, Findmypast is a British-owned provider of more than a billion records of interest to genealogists. The company has 18 million registered users across its family of online brands, which includes Lives of the First World War, The British Newspaper Archive and Genes Reunited, amongst others.

Mocavo is a web site that provides the most effective genealogy search engine available today. It works in a similar fashion as other search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others) with the exception that Mocavo indexes only genealogy web sites and does so with extra software tools not available in the other search engines. As a result, it is very effective at finding historical information about people.

About a year and a half ago, Findmypast acquired the assets of Mocavo. (See my earlier article about the acquisition at Today, Findmypast announced the merge of the two web sites. I’ve been waiting for a year and a half for this to happen. It has to be good news for all of us. Findmypast appears to now have added the strength of Mocavo’s search capabilities to the Findmypast web site. You might want to take special note of two items in the announcement:

1. The transition will begin immediately and is expected to be completed within the next few months.

2. As part of Findmypast’s commitment to sustain Mocavo’s ‘free forever’ promise, Mocavo subscribers will continue to enjoy free access to all of the same records that were previously published for free on Mocavo.

Here is the full announcement:

Findmypast and sister site Mocavo Come Together

Findmypast aims to deliver a more focussed, efficient and comprehensive service to US family historians

The move is part of Findmypast’s plans for continued expansion in the US

Leading family history website Findmypast, has today announced that sister site Mocavo will be incorporated into Findmypast to create a single experience for customers interested in discovering more about their family history.

The move forms an important part of the US growth strategy set out by Annelies van den Belt, CEO of Findmypast, and will bring the best aspects and features of both sites into one place.

The two websites are currently working together to transfer Mocavo’s strengths and expansive record collections over to Findmypast.

The transition will begin immediately and is expected to be completed within the next few months.

The move is part of Findmypast’s continued expansion and growth in the US market. By merging the two brands, Findmypast will create a more focussed and efficient business that will offer a more comprehensive experience to US customers while continuing to offer the industry’s best British and Irish collections.

In 2016, Findmypast will also be publishing hundreds of millions of new and exclusive US records to further enhance the experience for US family historians.

As part of Findmypast’s commitment to sustain Mocavo’s ‘free forever’ promise, Mocavo subscribers will continue to enjoy free access to all of the same records that were previously published for free on Mocavo. In addition, they will be invited to take advantage of a subscription to Findmypast equivalent to their existing Mocavo subscription. Mocavo customers can easily import their family trees onto Findmypast and can immediately start to receive hints opening the door to new discoveries that they never knew existed. A subscription to Findmypast will allow them access to the site’s entire collection of records, containing over eight billion names, as well as the thousands of new records released by Findmypast every week.

Annelies van den Belt, CEO of Findmypast, said; “A key part of our 2016 US growth strategy is to centralise our efforts on one core brand, Findmypast. Combining Mocavo’s strengths and Findmypast’s massive collection of British and Irish data will allow us to provide a richer and more comprehensive experience to family historians all over the world.”


I just hope that they don’t change the functionality of the Mocavo search engine, including multiple wildcards and a reasonable proximity search. If you don’t count content, Tom Tryiniski (fultonhistory – limited to newspapers), has far and away the most functional search engine and FamilySearch is at least as good as Mocavo.


Site gave 10 free searches. asked me for 3 surnames. Down. First, site automatically used 1 by searching my surname – which I did NOT request nor want. And when I entered ‘Nicholas Loughlin’ got absolute garbage – Nicholas and arbitrary surname and arbitrary forename with Loughlin. Not impressed.


I wonder if we LDS members will continue to get free access to the newly combined Find My Past or just the original without Mocavo? Will this still all be under the umbrella?


I was a very well pleased client of Mocavo Gold – always reliable and great with all the matches and finds that I never got through any other source. I recommended them highly as I was getting more through them than ancestry. This past 9 months has been a downhill experience with at least 1/3 to 1/2 the customary activity – not sure who or what is at fault. Mocavo is not what it was – I will wait for the transition to see how it settles out and can only hope it’s quality doesn’t nosedive further. I loved Mocavo – if the transition goes well – it should be a win-win. Will be checking Findmypast out during the free week-end and get a feel as to how rapid and easy and worthy the prospect is.


Am waiting to see how Mocavo is integrated into FindMyPast. I just finished a free trial and Mocavo does what it always does–at least one or more times a day–slows down to being nonfunctional and so I always cancel. Have heard nothing from either FindMyPast or Mocavo so not too impressed–they must be working on it.


I can’t find a single thing on FindMyPast that I formerly found on mocavo. Where are the old books, etc.?? Very disappointed!


Wonder what happen to Mocavo,I sure can’t find anything on Findmypast that even resembles Mocavo…


    I agree completely!! I can’t find any of the information, previously available to subscribers, either.


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