Check your Google Security, Receive an Additional 2 Gigabytes of Storage Space on Google Drive for FREE

Google-logoIf you use Google Docs, Gmail, and/or Google Search (and who doesn’t?), Google wants you to check your security settings on the service. If you do, you will receive an additional 2 gigabytes of storage space on Google Drive free of charge.

You can check your Google security settings at

I just went through the process and it required less than 2 minutes to complete. Admittedly, I keep a close eye on my security settings all the time so I already knew the answers to the questions asked. If you need to verify anything, it might take a bit longer. Whatever the time required, it is a quick and easy method of adding another 2 gigabytes of available storage space plus it is always a good idea to review your security settings anyway.

Again, you can check your Google security settings at


Doing that did raise my combined (Drive, Gmail, and Picasa) limit from 17 to 19 GB, although I am only using less than 2 GB now.


Works as advertised. It took about two minutes and they added the additional 2GB of storage. Thanks for the tip, Dick.


Needed that extra 2GB if I am to use Picasa for photos. Thanks Dick. Took less than 1 min to do on a tablet.


Is it possible to get a verification code if you do not text message?


    No, but you don’t need it. I have two Gmail accounts. In one, I had it text me the verification code. In the other, I didn’t and I still got the extra 2 GB once I went through the other security steps.


I did this and it didn’t give me the extra 2 GB.


it didn’t increase mine either. I logged out and back in but mine is still at 15GB


It did not give me any extra storage either.


According to the Google Drive Blog, this promotion was for one day only on 11 Feb. So we once-a-week newsletter subscribers are out of luck. But they’ll probably do it again next year.


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