Remember When?

This photo shows Martin Cooper, inventor of the first handheld portable cell phone, and his invention. Cooper created this device in 1973 and the world has changed a lot since then.


Cooper’s first phone call on the new device was to his competitor, to let them know that Cooper had beaten them in the race to create the world’s first handheld portable cell phone. Cooper reports there was silence on the other end of the line when he told them about the new device he was using.

In contrast, here is one of today’s cell phones:


Dick Tracy would be proud of this one.



We had a “brick” almost just like that! I wonder if people still have them if they could be repurposed as door stops?


Images can be deceiving. As I understand it most, if not all, smartwatches require a smartphone companion to work. It is the smartphone that does the heavy lifting and not the watch itself. Not really as small as it looks.


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