First Armenian Genealogy Conference Planned for April

The Armenian Genealogy Conference will be held April 9-10 in Watertown, Mass. The conference grew out of the Armenian Genealogy Group ((Հայկական Ծագումաբանութիւն Haygagan Dzakumnapanutyun) on Facebook. The conference will feature several speakers on various topics regarding Armenian genealogy, history, geography, and presentations on different organizations and initiatives.

The conference is co-sponsored by the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research (NAASR), Project Save Armenian Photograph Archives, Inc., Houshamadyan, the Armenian Museum of America (AMA), and Hamazkayin Boston. During the weekend, participants, both beginners and advanced, will learn how to carry out genealogical research specific to Armenians, and will take part in workshops, during which experienced volunteers will help answer questions, teach how to get started, and how to go beyond existing research).

Presentations scheduled include:

  • Armenian Immigration Project Website by Mark Arslan
  • Research Tools and Primary Sources for Tracing your Armenian Family Tree by Tracy L . Keeney
  • Armenian History/Geography Overview & The Houshamadyan Project by Dr. Vahe Tachjian
  • Lost & Found: A DNA/Genealogy Success Story by Stephen Kurkjian and Janet Andreopulos
  • Breakout sessions consisting of:
    • On-site DNA testing for those interested (cost TBD)
    • Hands on guided online research (attendees will be able to sit down and consult with one of several genealogists, do online research, find records, etc)
    • Research in the library (large collection of books about the various villages, colleges, etc)

The conference will take place at the Armenian Museum of America, 65 Main St, Watertown, Massachusetts. Details may be found at


My name is Alan Ouzoonian and I’ve been tracing my Armenian Genealogy for 43 years. I’ve talked with Marc Mamigonian and Ruth Thomasian over the years on various subjects and met Ruth a few years ago here in California.
I was happy to see a formal conference on Armenian Genealogy. When I started on my family for most of my 43 years I was alone in gathering information. In that time I’ve learned every possible way to locate an immigrant to America from 1619 through the 1950’s. I developed several unique systems. I located 236 of my 240 family immigrants across 10 family names, created 10 family trees which contain every known relative from as far back as 1759 with all birth and death dates having devised a system to caluculate birth and death dates even when nothing is known. I invented the PowerPoint family tree concept in which a family tree can be placed in a three ring binder no matter how many pages it takes up eliminating the rolled paper tree which is not for longevity due to the crackling of paper once it’s rolled up. My father’s philosophy everything in binder format for easy of viewing.

I’ve also traced and recorded, in Excell format, every known Armenian immigrant to the U.S. from 1619-1885 with dates and other info on each person, all formatted by decade. As part of my family tree creation I also wrote our family histories recording stories told to me by the first Armenian immigrant generation, my grandparents as well as our family’s first centenarian.

I started doing Armenian Genealogy professionally in 2008 and have done quite a few families including having the honor of being only authorized genealogist to work and trace the family tree of famed playwright William Saroyan.

More than 250 families across all branches of my family have been sent family trees, histories and immigration charts for their respective families. I have never charged anyone, family history should be shared with all.

One other note you may find interesting, my paternal grandfather, Mugerditch Ouzoonian was one of the first 10 Armenian photoengravers in America having started on February 10, 1887 in Boston, MA. He would eventually inspire his son, Vahan, to go into photography at age 10 which would be his passion for the next 78 years accomplishing virtually everything in the world of amateur photography including many things not even known today. He taught me and my brother, we just celebrated our 50th anniversary’s in the art. We are,by my research the oldest continuing Armenian family in photography in America. I traced all the early Armenians in photography also.


Alan Ouzoonian
Armenian Genealogist


ZNdsEuo+xiXS5Twh1McSmTnd7aVw6fXzRasy2vGBMH4= March 5, 2016 at 11:07 am

How do I sign up for the conference?


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