Use eGENEe to Search for Genealogy and History Websites and Resources

eGENEe is a website containing a catalog of genealogy and history websites. Anita Brubaker, the owner of eGENEe, says she began keeping a list of useful, reliable websites in 2010. It was first a spreadsheet and later became a true database as the number of entries grew. It now has become eGENEe. The web site currently contains more than 150,000 links for US websites, and that number is growing daily. Currently only the United States is available, but there are plans for additional countries in the future.


eGENEe has a user interface that is very easy to use. You can search for web sites by locality, years, categories, name, title, price, URL, or any combination of these factors. Searches can sometimes come up with some obscure resources. For instance, I did a search for my own last name. The results included this newsletter and also the Eastman Dental Center Archives at the University of Rochester Medical Center, Eastman Institute for Oral Health. I doubt if that site has patient records available due to privacy issues but does have information about dentists and other staff members.

In most cases, searching for a surname will not be productive. You can try it but you probably won’t find meaningful results. I know that I didn’t find anything about my ancestry when searching for a name. However, eGENEe is an excellent tool for finding sources of records. I would suggest searching for the name of the town or county where some of your ancestors lived.

For instance, a search for “Penobscot County, Maine” returned 40 online web sites that have information about that county, including:

  • The exodus of the loyalists from Penobscot and the loyalist settlements at Passamaquoddy
  • British and Tory marauders on the Penobscot
  • Memoir of Col. Jonathan Eddy of Eddington, Me. : with some account of the Eddy family, and of the early settlers on Penobscot River
  • The exodus of the loyalists from Penobscot and the loyalist settlements at Passamaquoddy
  • History of Castine, Penobscot and Brooksville, Maine : including the ancient settlement of Pentagöet
  • The town register, Islesboro, Castine, Penobscot, Brooksville, 1906
  • 1882 History of Penobscot County, Maine with illustrations and biographical sketches.

These all are sites that would be difficult to find with a simple Google search.

eGENEe is available at:


This concept looks intriguing; however, I went to the website and did a number of very broad searches and every one of them returned no results. There were no error messages or apparent slowdowns due to heavy traffic that your posting may have driven to the site. I’m not sure what the problems is, but something is not at this point working as intended.

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    —> I’m not sure what the problems is…

    You had the opposite results of what I had, as I described in the above article. I don’t know why. All I can do is to suggest you try again. First, use my example of a search for “Penobscot County, Maine” that returned 40 online web sites that have information about that county. Assuming that is successful, then try your own search of something that is important to you. Good luck!


There seems to be a problem with the site. Even very broad searches turn up no results. I tried numerous times, with different broad searches. Perhaps the server is overwhelmed by the traffic your post created, but there were no error messages displayed and no slow-down noticed. I really like this general concept, hopefully, the site will be back up and running before long, and I can test it out again.

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OK, though my searches were quite broad over long periods of time and categories that I knew to exist in droves in a particular location, apparently they were not broad enough. I did get the same results as you when I put in just the county and the state as in your example.


    I just did a search on “Monroe County, Ohio” and got 19 interesting and useful results. i guess the key is be be not just very broad but extremely board in searching at this juncture. 🙂


Again, as I wrote in the article, “In most cases, searching for a surname will not be productive.”


    I was not searching for a surname. I was searching very broad categories within a particular location, like “Monroe County, Ohio, History, Civil War,” or “Darke County, Ohio, History.” These and a number of others like them produced zero results.


I tried putting in what you had (I have Penobscot Loyalists) and didn’t get any links that you posted.


I put in just the state (NY) but all that showed up were references to the Albany Archives and a list of all they had, I put in different counties and states of counties I know have different websites and it said “none”. I have 28 free websites bookmarked, including 3 Canadian sites,that are terrific, and none of these sites showed up. Every county in every state has a genweb site, some are better than others and all are free. go to A new one I just got last month is It has every county in every state. US only.


I put in my Podunk holler county (Jasper County,Illinois). It came back with all the IRAD archives which would be great for someone outside the state who didn’t know about it and also some sources I’ve never seen. Will be spending time on family now when I should be getting other things done. LOL.


Dick, I selected Maine for state and then Penobscot for county and got 237 hits. Is this the same thing you did that returned 40 hits? Also, where exactly did you enter Eastman?


10 searches for California records of different things – results ZERO


Don’t forget Cyndi’s List for online source searches. If the size of the List is overwhelming, type “Cyndi’s List – Beginners’ in your search engine to learn how to navigate the categories.

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Hi! I’m the owner of and I invite all of you to try again. We were having some glitches yesterday, but they have been fixed. You can email me, too, via the site if you are having any problems or have questions, suggestions, etc. I’m always looking to improve the site. Thanks, Anita Brubaker


    I have been trying out the site since I learned about it, Anita, and have made some fun discoveries. Thanks for your work on this. Looking forward to more additions to your database!


I found a record of Name Changes in New Jersey. Fascinating for genealogists….


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