Joanna Francis Lives Like It’s 1939

Joanna Francis of Burton upon Stather, Lincolnshire, England, was born too late. She prefers the lifestyle of 1939 and she lives it every day. She doesn’t own a television and the last time she used a washing machine was at least a decade ago. She doesn’t drive but does have an 80-year-old pedal bike. As to owning a computer, she would ask, “What’s that?”

In Joanna’s world, the clock is permanently stopped at some point in 1939 and her home in the picturesque village of Burton-upon-Stather in North Lincolnshire is an exact recreation of how we used to live, right down to the bomb blast tape on the windows.

She also dresses in clothing typical of 1939. “I look like I’ve stepped off the set of Upstairs Downstairs. But you know what? People tend to be much more civil to me when I’m dressed like this and I honestly think it makes me a better cleaner. You don’t want to get your pinny too dirty, so it does make you more careful with how you work.”

She is also looking for a husband and says, “The only problem is that most people who want that kind of housewife are either in their 90s or dead. I might just have to accept that I was born just a few decades too late. But until then I will keep on looking.”

You can read more about Joanna Francis’ life and view some photographs in an article in the Yorkshire Post at



Hi Johanna I watched your interview on BBC news. Iike what your doining , if you need any building help ,I would like help out .grant from winterton


Well done Joanna, I like your style, good luck to you. I am jealous. :o)


Dear Joanna I live in the time period 1917-1936 which I suppose is a bit early for you.i have a nice external horn gramophone and an Edison standard phonograph


Hi Joanna. Brilliant . Love what u are doing and i too feel like i was born too late. I love watching the old film footage from that era. Its a hard life but a lot simpler that nowadays. I would love to visit for a cuppa and a biscuit some day. Best wishes David.


I’m in that area right now and would love to meet. However, without the technical gadgets to connect with her, I don’t see how that’s possible.


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