Family Tree Maker Is Updated and Ready To Ship

According to an article in the Blog:

“Since our last announcement about Software MacKiev acquiring Family Tree Maker, we’re excited to let you know that Software MacKiev has officially begun shipping updated versions of Family Tree Maker Windows 2014 and Mac 3.


“This is a free update for current users of the 2014 / Mac 3 versions. With this, you will have continued access to Ancestry Hints, Ancestry searches and are able to continue to save your tree on Ancestry and keep it consistent with your tree in Family Tree Maker.”

Full details, including information about where to purchase the latest version, may be found at:


I’m not seeing the update for FTM Mac 3 as being available yet…

“Family Tree Maker 3 22.2.5 is currently the newest version available.”


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Did anybody find a change log that details the FTM changes and improvements on the site? I haven’t located it yet (I probably overlooked it) but I did notice the the system requirements include 675 MB of hard disk. My RootsMagic 7 folder is under 80MB. I wonder what we’d get for the extra 600MB?


It’s also interesting that that announcement came from and not from MacKiev. I would have thought that a product announcement would come from the owners and developers of the software and not from the previous owners. I didn’t even see an announcement on McKiev’s site about an update. It looks like this is going to be a very close relationship.


    —> It’s also interesting that that announcement came from and not from MacKiev.

    It is obvious the two companies are working together during the one-year transition period. During the recent RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City, I met both MacKiev and employees working in the MacKiev booth. I asked one of the employees whom I have known for years why he was in the MacKiev booth. I thought maybe he was now working for MacKiev but he replied, “Oh, we’re working together on this.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see announcements from either company or from both for the next year or so.


    Thanks for your insight on the working relationship. I’m not a FTM user, having migrated years ago, tired of their upgrades that added nothing and fixed nothing, but I hope that MacKiev can make a go of it with FTM. Competition “raises all ships” and we need this in the desktop genealogy marketplace. And, maybe if they put some solid effort into fixing FTM, they might be able to win back some users who have left for different software packages.


Cant seem to find my update???


I can’t find any place to download the update. When I check to see if any updates are available in FTM it says I am up to date.


Will there be a new toll-free customer support phone number for Family Tree Maker users? If so, what is that number?


It’s my understanding, from their latest monthly online newsletter, that by the end of 2016, RootsMagic 7 will be synching with FTM. I think that the equivalent of Ancestry “leaves” will show up in our RootsMagic files and clicking on those will go directly to FTM. I may have the mechanism wrong, but it appears that I won’t have to leave RM, go into Ancestry, search there, then copy whatever results I find back into RM. It’s supposed to be as transparent as FTM has been for Ancestry users. And I should be able to choose to keep my tree in RM. I much prefer RM to Ancestry for that purpose, but RM’s not a search engine. I’m holding my breath on the timing, though, as I think Mackiev has a full plate already.


I have downloaded the latest version for testing purposes and to gather information for our societies membership. I do not use it for my data. Don’t expect to see a lot of improvement at this time. It is still unstable in my testing. There is a big difference in what is installed onto your computer. i.e. FTM 2012 installs onto C:Programs Files (x86) with 10.5mb in 30 files. The latest version installs on C:Programs Files with 722mb and 465 files of that 175mb is for tutorials. What I have seen over the years is that FTM has problems when there are a lot of people in your database. I have almost 16,000 people and trying to re-link broken media file links crashes the program in my testing.


    John i have experience the crashing of broken media files as well in FTM2014. I can not even download a tree! Trees that have 10000+ (I have 60000+) can take a day or more. … mine takes 2 /2 days and i have a super fast connection of 1TB/s.

    I doubt that there ypdate will be stable, fix any problems since the quesiotn and problems i have submitted have been ignored by mackiev (and ancestry has no idea how to fix them so they are useless)

    The sync process is a complete failure.


Correction to my recent post… the latest version 2014.1 installs on C:Program Files / Software MacKiev using 600mb in 572 files which is less than what is installed in FTM 2014.


I am still peeved that ancestry announced the end of support for FTM and the end of syncing with and then weeks later announced that MacKiev would be continuing it. I spent a lot of time looking for an alternative. Now that I have chosen Roots Magic, I will abandon FTM and will not renew my subscription to I do appreciate that you have made it possible to transfer my trees directly from FTM to RM without using a GEDCOM. I transferred one of my four trees using a GEDCOM, and I am still cleaning up the tree. Ancestry, you should never have made that first announcement.


I keep trying to download the update for Family Tree Maker and all I get is “your copy of Family Tree Maker is up-to-date” I have version


Has any owner of the last FTM Mac 3 version had any luck obtaining the new updated version from MacKiev? Last info I’ve had was that current owners of the old version would be hearing “any day now” about how to update to the new version.


Alejandro Milberg May 24, 2016 at 3:40 pm

Hi Dick,
Just to let you know and pass on to other dinosaurs out there like me who still use the old FTM Version 16 (formerly 2006), that it actually works under Windows 10. I just upgraded from Win 7 and couldn’t believe my eyes when it opened without a glitch.
Interestingly, FTM 2010 which I also have but never really switched to, doesn’t.


I have 114 data disks that I can not open. help Family tree maker from 1990 on.


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