Use CloudConvert to Convert a File from One Format to Another

Cloud-ConvertHere is a web site you probably should bookmark: You probably won’t need to use it often but when you do have a need it can be a lifesaver. Best of all, it is a free service if you only want to convert a few files. However, if you want to convert dozens of files, there is a modest charge.

CloudConvert converts almost any file from one format to almost any other format. It recognizes files in more than 200 different formats, and connects with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. I find it useful for converting PNG images into JPG format. It also can can turn a PDF file into a DOCX file, which you may open in Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, or Google Docs. It also can convert Macintosh Keynote presentation files into PowerPoint PPTX files. In fact, CloudConvert can convert about 200 different file formats into other file formats.

I find that CloudConvert does an excellent job of converting PDF files into editable .DOC or .DOCX files as its translation seems to be very accurate.

CloudConvert also allows you to extract audio from a video file. For example, I selected a .MOV file and converted it to .MP3 format. That gave me an audio-only .MP3 file. It also converts .MOV video files into .MP4 video files as well. Did you download a video from the web, only to find it doesn’t display in your computer’s video player? CloudConvert probably can fix the problem for you.

CloudConvert is a cloud-based application. That is, the program runs from a web site. There is no software to install in your computer. It works equally well on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Chromebooks, and even on mobile devices running Android or Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch).

For occasional use, CloudConvert doesn’t charge. If you convert files smaller than 1 gigabyte, fewer than five files at a time, and use less than 25 minutes of file conversion time a day, CloudConvert’s services are free of charge. For high volume users, CloudConvert does charge fees as described at I suspect most in-home users will never encounter a need for fees.

CloudConvert is one of those useful web tools that you may not need immediately. But, the next time you say, “I can’t open this file…,” give it a try. CloudConvert may be able to convert that file you can’t use into one you can.

CloudConvert is available at


bobbyfamilytree2015 March 5, 2016 at 1:52 am

Really good site. I use it often and find it one of the best online conversion sites.


I’ve used for my conversions for years.


Thank you very much for this. My job requires me to create a calendar of events, usually from .pdfs. I’ve been using PDF-XChange Viewer’s text function to cut and paste. This sounds even more helpful.


I wish they handled PageMaker files…


Lesley K. Cafarelli March 5, 2016 at 10:53 am

Glad to learn about this. Something I can definitely use.


Ran into this yesterday. It happened to fail me, though, as I was trying to access a Quicken 2005 qdf file–apparently only Quicken 2006 can do that, and I’ve moved away from Quicken. I may have to drop my curiosity about the files.


Looks to be very useful for those infrequent, but important conversions! There is another site that is more focused on media file type conversion (compared to document conversions).
I’ll definitely bookmark Cloud convert.


I know that I’ll find this to be a useful site for recent documents. Is there a site for extracting info from really old files–those created with VisiCalc, Multiplan, AppleWriter (Apple DOS 3.3), AppleWriter (ProDos), MacWrite, AppleWorks (DB, Draw, & Paint), QuattroPro, WordStar, Quicken (ProDos)?


I tried CloudConvert and it was much better than the program accompanying my scanner. It is definitely difficult to find an efficient OCR converter unless it is expensive. I had a program which worked really well – Textbridge PRO – but it became incompatible with later versions of Windows, unfortunately. If some genius would come along and develop a program that would allow us to use older programs that would be great. There is only one program, and I found it too late, where a programmer made an older program work with a new device and the name eludes me at the moment.


If you like or use online-convert, then should work just the same, but I seem to like it a bit better. Great article!


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