RootsMagic Adds Direct Import of Family Tree Maker Files

Big news for anyone looking to switch from Family Tree Maker to another genealogy program: RootsMagic has added the capability to directly import Family Tree Maker databases without the use of GEDCOM.

Indeed, GEDCOM import has always been an option in RootsMagic but GEDCOM is an imperfect solution. GEDCOM frequently loses data. The new capability added to RootsMagic 7.1 avoids the problem.

Quoting the RootsMagic Blog at

Since Ancestry’s announcement that they were parting ways with their Family Tree Maker software, thousands of FTM users have found a new home in RootsMagic. One of the first questions they have is, “How do I get my data from FTM into RootsMagic?”


Until today, the answer has always been through a GEDCOM file. But GEDCOM files from Family Tree Maker, while mostly effective, were often lacking data and details only found in the original file. Plus it added an extra step in the conversion process.

That’s why we’re excited to announce today’s release of RootsMagic 7.1. In addition to various tweaks and fixes, this update adds the ability to directly import any Family Tree Maker file.

And by “any” Family Tree Maker file, we really mean it. RootsMagic can directly import:

  • Family Tree Maker 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014 for Windows (*.ftm, *.ftmb)
  • Family Tree Maker 3 for Mac (*.ftm, *.ftmb)
  • Family Tree Maker 2010 and 2012 for Mac (*.ftmm, *.ftmd)
  • Classic Family Tree Maker Files (*.ftw)

In fact, RootsMagic can import a bigger variety of Family Tree Maker files than any single version of Family Tree Maker itself.

Further details, including step-by-step instructions, are given in the RootsMagic Blog at


Per a Facebook post yesterday, it does not yet import the MacKiev upgraded file. I believe that is usually denoted as v.2014.1 for PC, and still uses the same extensions as v.2014. I didn’t look up the Mac info. But the database change would affect that version as well.


    The FTM direct import into RootsMagic can use database files and backup files. So if someone did update to MacKiev’s FTM 2014.1 they would need to export it with the output format set to FTM 2012. Then they can import that backup created into RootsMagic. It will work just like a direct import that way.

    There is a very good reason why RootsMagic cannot direct import MacKiev’s FTM 2014.1. MacKiev has changed the file format (or at least the encryption key). Yes, FTM files are encrypted, which means FTM users better hope FTM continues to work because they won’t be able to access their data from external programs like RM users can. It appears MacKiev wants to make sure no other program than FTM can access their files.


I’m one that DOES do merges from; apparently RM does not yet do this function from public trees for family members (any day now! The website promises). Also an issue with FTM 2014 and Mackiev FTM 2014.1, so is an issue with the new Ancestry. Other kinds of searches (e.g., census) does work, so a worthwhile strategy to upgrade to 2014.1 and RM. Can’t wait, bated breath, for Ancestry to get it’s act together!
As an example of the issue, searching on Leaf Hints does the merge correctly, but does not work for the wife or children.


Is the above statement still true. It is now Aug 10. I have heard wonderful things about MacKiev and compatibility with Ancestry. Do Leaf Hints still not work for the wife and children?


Now that time has passed and it is Aug 10 by my watch, is the merging problem “does not work for the wife or children.” still an issue?


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