Heredis is Now Available for Android

Plus an updated version is also available for Macintosh and Windows

Heredis-for-AndroidHeredis is a very powerful and yet user-friendly genealogy program for Windows and Macintosh that is available at a modest price. You can see my past articles about Heredis by starting at

I keep a copy of Heredis on my desktop and laptop computers. An iPHone/iPad version also has been available for some time as well. Now the company has announced a version of Heredis for Android users. Yes, you can keep your genealogy database in your pocket and easily refer to it at any time, wherever you are. I added Heredis to my Android cell phone this morning.

The Heredis for Android application is a beta version. Initially, the beta version offers essential functions for working with your genealogy on Android. You can copy Heredis files (only from the 2015 or later versions for Windows and Mac) from a desktop version of Heredis to your Android device. Then you will be able to view, browse, edit, delete and add certain data from your tree directly in the Android device. In the coming months, updates will become available that will offer exactly the same features as what is available on its counterpart on Apple iOS.

For more details, visit the Heredis website:

You may wish to watch the video: How to transfer your file to the Heredis Android application? :

You can download the Technical Specifications: How to transfer your file to the Heredis Android application?:

Heredis for Android is available at Google Play Store:

Here is the announcement from Heredis:


Today Heredis has launched its Heredis for Android application. More than 2 years after the release of its mobile application for iOS, Heredis is available for all users with a phone or a tablet running the Android OS. This application is free.

Heredis lets you create your family tree, share your genealogy and take it with you wherever you want with this free app.


The Heredis Android app is a beta version. This means that some features are not yet available. Gradually, in the upcoming weeks, users will discover new features!

Initially, the beta version offers essential functions for working with your genealogy on Android. Sending your Heredis files (only from the 2015 versions for Windows and Mac and above), viewing, browsing, editing, deleting and adding certain data from your tree.

In the coming months, it will offer exactly the same features as its counterpart on iOS.

This version is available worldwide in two languages, French and English on Google Play Store:


  • From 4.0.3 (Ice cream Sandwich)
  • Requires Heredis 2015 version for Windows or for Mac


The adventure began in 1994 when David Bernard, computer and genealogy enthusiast, created Heredis for a family member who wanted a simple and intuitive software that he could not find.

Today it is the most popular genealogy software in Europe. For 22 years, the whole team has been at the service of people who love genealogy and the history of their ancestors. Cutting-edge and revolutionary, Heredis stands out by offering ever more innovative technological choices and providing real genealogical solutions adapted for the user.

Equally, Heredis also stands out for its cooperative spirit: since July 2014, BSD Concept has been a SCOP where employees have joined forces to give life to this joint project.

For more information go to


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