The Real Colonel Harland Sanders

Alan Bellows has published a fascinating mini-biography of “Colonel” Harland Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame. The story certainly changed my mental image of the Colonel. You might be interested in reading the article at



Interesting. Thanks for posting the link. Kind of makes you not want to purchase the modern incaranation of KFC.


One thing the article leaves out is where Harlan Sanders came up with his image. When my grandfather’s cousin, Edward C. O’Rear was the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, he often was in Corbin and ate at Sanders’ restaurant. When you compare a picture of Colonel Sanders with one of Judge O’Rear, you would find a very striking resemblance as the Judge always wore a goatee and wore a white linen suit. Colonel Sanders did ask the Judge what he thought about his adopting the Judge’s appearance, and the Judge thought it would be fine.


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