Calculating the Republican Party Delegate Math

It’s not genealogy but well known genealogist Steve Morse tackled a subject that has almost all Americans talking at the moment. Steve is well known for his “Genealogy One Step” programs at This time he used his programming talents to handle a topic that will be “future history:” how to do the Republican math and determine how many delegates each candidate still has to obtain to win the 2016 presidential nomination. All of it is done in “one step,” of course.

“Doing Republican Delegate Math in One Step” is available at


This would be much more useful if it clarified which of the remaining states are winner-take-all, which are by congressional districts, which are proportional and which are what kinds of hybrid.


It would help if he explained what happens to the votes that are committed to candidates who have left the race.


Good suggestion Israel. I just added the allocations (winner take all, etc) and types for each state.


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