New Documentary Aims to Discover Truth about Coventry, England, Families and DNA

If your ancestors came from Coventry, England, you will be interested in a new Channel 4 documentary that is seeking residents from the city and surrounding region.

The new show – which is based on DNA and families – aims to speak with people who have a range of stories, with the motives for a DNA test explored throughout a series of heart-wrenching episodes. Producers of the forthcoming show – which builds on the success of series like Who Do You Think You Are? on the BBC – are promising to help those involved piece together who they truly are.

With extensive researchers, and the help of the best DNA testing, you can expect to full understand the truth behind your relationships with others. If you are interested in appearing, contact to find out more.


I live in the area but don’t come from here. Coventry has always attracted economic migrants so the DNA results may be particularly interesting. Bahne Bonniksen a watchmaker for instance came from Schleswig which was in Denmark when he was born but Germany when he obtained British nationality just before the Great War. His factory was in Coventry but he lived in Leamington Spa.


Whilst my family weren’t born in Coventry they have lived there since post war times. The children have been born there and lived there.
Is this a link to sugar, as I see the address DNA@sugarfilms


I should have mentioned that my family name was Ellis


2nd generation British born of Indian origin. Does that count?. Anyway my grandfather came to work and settle in the United Kingdom after responding to a British job vacancy in an Indian newspaper back in 1949. We’ve been in coventry ever since.

Name and email supplied :

Regards, Adam


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