TNG 11 is Now Available

The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (usually abbreviated to “TNG”) strikes me as an example of the wave of the future for genealogy software. It can be used by one person alone as a personal genealogy program, somewhat similar to RootsMagic, Legacy Family Tree, Family Tree Maker, Reunion, GRAMPS, Mac Family Tree, Heredis, and other genealogy programs that many of us have installed in our own computers for years. However, as a cloud-based program, it also has the capability to be a genealogy management program for use by groups of people, whether it might be used by two cousins working together on the same family or by a 100 members (or more) of a genealogy society to document all the people with a particular surname or perhaps all the early settlers of a town.

TNG is not one of the better-known genealogy products. Yet everyone I know who uses TNG seems to love the program. Its users seem to be the best cheerleaders for TNG. Just ask any user of TNG. To learn more about The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (TNG), look at To see examples of how others are using the program, look at

Now Darrin Lythgoe, the creator of the Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (“TNG”), has announced a significant new upgrade for the program:

SANDY, UT: A major upgrade for The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding (or “TNG”), is now available from Next Generation Software. TNG 11 includes many new charts and features, including the ability to track DNA tests. Existing users can purchase the upgrade at a discount by returning to their previous download page.

This release also includes a new template design, translations for two additional languages (Arabic and Slovak), and dozens of other improvements. These include fan charts, data validation reports, heat maps and the ability to run a Google search on an entire web site.

In a continuing effort to make TNG sites more mobile friendly, several pages and tables have also adapted a more responsive design. Changes have also been made to allow TNG to remain compatible with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL.

For those already running TNG, upgrading to the new version should be fairly easy and should take less than 15 minutes. Helpful videos are also available to walk users through the process and to highlight new features and other processes, but an option also exists to pay for the upgrade to be installed for them.

TNG makes it easy to put your genealogy on your web site in dynamic fashion. It uses a database to store your information, so the pages are created at the time they’re requested. When you want to make a change, you only need to upload your GEDCOM file again, or enter the new facts directly online. TNG also allows you to link photos and other media to the people in your tree. You’re in total control, so you can update your information or customize the look and feel any time you want.

TNG is commercial software ($32.99 USD one-time license fee). In order to run TNG, your web site must support PHP (a programming language) and MySQL (the database). Existing users may upgrade to the latest version online for $14.99 or $16.99, depending on their currently installed version. The first version of TNG was published by Darrin Lythgoe in 2001.


As a user of TNG for over 8 years I can tell you that it is a great product which is simple enough for user who understand the basics of computers and flexible enough for more sophisticated user wanting to customize the environment. Novice can have the software installed by TNG partnered hosting companies and be operational within a day or so.
My environment is fully bilingual which required writing code for things like timelines and sports it’s own custom template ( While I ordered my upgrade yesterday, it will probably take me over a month to ensure that my customization are integrated to TNG 11 bug free and having it up and running.


The great thing about TNG is it’s a web-based genealogy database management system, so all additions or changes are done in real time on your website. You can upload your GEDCOM to start your initial family tree, but after that many people just do everything on their website. We started out with just a couple thousand Merriam descendants about four years ago, now we have almost 30,000 because of the all the information we have received from our users. Best thing is to start using TNG on your home computer before you migrate to the web. Just install XAMPP, for example, and follow the instructions provided by TNG. Then later, as stated, let your Internet host install TNG free when you establish your website. Excellent product!


Not only an excellent program but also one of the best values in all of genealogy.


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