Mocavo is Moving to Findmypast

As predicted about two months ago (see my earlier article at, “Mocavo will be incorporated into Findmypast to create a single experience for customers interested in discovering more about their family history.” The merger will happen this evening.


An announcement sent to Mocavo customers early this morning states “We’re contacting you to let you know that the Mocavo website will be closing midnight tonight (Wednesday 23rd March) and that your account will be moving over to Findmypast in the next few days. Plus, over the coming weeks, all of Mocavo’s records and much, much more will soon be available on Findmypast.”

Mocavo customers are also receiving a 30 day trial completely free as a little welcome gift. You’ll receive more information about this in a follow-up email after it’s been applied.

If you have an online Mocavo family tree, it will be migrated to Findmypast and you will receive a link showing where you can access it shortly. But, if you can’t wait, you can always export your GEDCOM file now.

More information about the merger of the two sites is available at



I tried most of yesterday to get to the website to download my file, as suggested, and could not get there. The page kept “loading” then timing out. Going back and trying again today.

Thanks for the reminder.



Initially, I found Mocavo rather helpful but as time went on one had to pay to access the detailed info. Now it’s going to a site where a fee is charged. Anyone know the what the fee is? Thanks.


I tried Mocavo in the past but was not impressed, huge amount of non-relevant results. As an FMP subscriber, I will be interested to see if the records being brought over from Mocavo produce better results with FMP’s search capabilities.


Does it still hold true that their free records will remain free? If so, will FMP have a free search area as Ancestry does?


Will all url references to Mocavo trees and sources, including media, change??


Good to see that those of us who already subscribe to findmypast get their subscriptions adjusted accordingly. However I suspect that if the two subs use different email logins this will not happen without your contacting them so be aware that this might happen. I cancelled my automatic subscription to Mocavo as soon as the merger was announced and now look forward to getting an extension on my findmypast sub. It isn’t cheap so anything which reduces it in real terms is very welcome.


I was an avid client of Mocavo Gold with their $80 annual renewal until service rendered and record hints markedly decreased at the beginning of 2015 (after my renewal). Things went downhill from there. Mocavo was once my go to place for almost everything for pre-1900 – I could not have raved more about it. It was my dream come true. 2015 was a total decline with customer service unable to address the issues of diminishing quality … a wake-up call, if you will. I did not renew Mocavo Gold for 2016 after negligible customer support in December. Findmypast may or may not be an improvement. Pay structure appears to be “complicated”. If they offer what Mocavo Gold did, I would recommend it for pre-1900 researchers (particularly for England records, books, etc. documenting historical events and pre-civil war USA history). Findmypast seems to hide the payment issues. Whether or not they offer an annual subscription is not readily shown. As for always free …. if they acquired any tree attached to the always free membership at Mocavo, check into the “grandfathering” issue. I will be attempting to test drive the NEW Findmypast showing the Mocavo tree(s) before further comment. Be sure to check out if they have an automatic renewal clause – good for some, a travesty for others. I haven’t checked out the duo-e-mail subscription issue, so can’t add an opinion.


Just wondering how things worked out for people who had Mocavo Gold files and lots of work done at Mocavo (prior to the nosedive in quality in late 2015- early 2016) . Were you pleased with the transfer? Did you lose your work (or any of your work and collections and stored finds that were to be available at a later time? Did you have to reconfigure your trees and info. What happened to all that you had stored in your “free” and “paid for” before Mocavo was incorporated into Findmypast. What’s the satisfaction level from those who moved on to using Mocavo within Findmypast. What are the pros and cons? Would love to hear your feedback.


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