Vanessa Gunn Cancer Fund

This has nothing to do with genealogy but it is a good cause for a humanitarian project. I would like to “spread the word” and will invite you to do likewise. Quoting from GoFundMe at

A few months ago, our friends Hudson and Vanessa Gunn happily welcomed a new baby boy, Jackson, into their family. Unfortunately, as a complication of the pregnancy, Vanessa developed a rare form of fast-growing cancer called Choriocarcinoma, starting as a tumor in the uterus. It would have likely been caught sooner, however, doctors failed to catch it in it’s earlier stages.

Vanessa Gunn Cancer Fund

When they found the tumor it was baseball sized. By the time it was removed the next day, it had grown to the size of a softball. Because it is such a fast growing and moving cancer it is categorized as stage four and has already spread from the uterus to the lungs and lymph nodes. Vanessa’s heart and respiration have also been affected. Chemotherapy was started immediately after the tumor was removed and will hopefully stop further growth.

Despite the reality of a fast spreading cancer and the scope of what this now means for the family, this cancer is beatable and Vanessa is a fighter. Your many prayers and service are helping and much appreciated as Hudson and Vanessa figure out how take care of the baby and work to fight off this cancer.

The financial costs are helped through insurance but the Gunns will be faced with payment of twenty percent of the total bill after the insurance pays out its maximum benefit, which they are already close to hitting. Hudson continues working many hours while also taking care of Vanessa and the baby. Family and friends are helping to take care of Jackson.

This wonderful little family is going through so much and we would like to help lighten the financial burdens they now have and will continue to face, due to hospitalization as well as six months or more of chemo treatments. Any kind of financial support is welcome and appreciated greatly.

Thank you for your love and support!

Yes, I added a few dollars to the fund as well. I invite you to do the same. You can read more and make a donation at

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I see you didn’t mention that Hudson Gunn is the founder of the billiongraves website.


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