Illinois Man Claims He Can Show That Donald Trump is Related to Every U.S. President

Of course, everyone is related to everyone else. (See my earlier article at for details.) Therefore, it is no surprise that Donald Trump is related to a number of US Presidents. However, one genealogist claims The Donald is related to a hu-u-u-ge number of them. In fact, all of them.

Genealogist Ken Reveal claims that Trump and President Obama are 26th cousins, four times removed. That’s rather distant, certainly not close enough to get invited to the family reunion. However, Reveal then goes on to say that Donald Trump is related to EVERY US President. For instance, according to Reveal’s research, Franklin Roosevelt is Trump’s fourth cousin once removed of the husband of the half first cousin seven times removed of the wife of his second great grand nephew of the husband of his half first cousin once removed. Again, not exactly close.

You can read more and watch a video about about Ken Reveal’s claims at

Disclaimer: I haven’t verified Ken Reveal’s claims. However, I am not surprised. Again, everyone is related to everyone else. (See my earlier article at for details.)


What I find interesting is a great website, BYU Family History Library’s Relative Finder. It supports the idea that just about anybody is related one way or another to all kinds of historical and current people of interest, including presidents, nobility, long-ago emperors, celebrities, artists of various stripes, whatever. Usually distantly related but not always. As long as you have a (free) account to FamilySearch, in a flash it will show you all the relatives FamilySearch connects to you. Yes, there are incorrect presumptions, but it’s also a collaborative effort where mistakes are in the process of being hashed out on a global scale. That makes Relative Finder pretty impressive and fun to play with.


well, probably then he can prove that Trump is related to Hitler…….


    And Gandhi …


    LOL! Garth…Good one. If this man can prove that Trump is related to all the presidents why is it no one else has mentioned it, especially the young girl who did an extensive study into the genealogy of all the presidents and how they are related. Never mentioning Trump.


New England Historical and Genealogical Society, the oldest and most reputable genealogical society in the country, always puts a great deal of time and effort into calculating the ancestry of every serious contender for the nomination. I suspect there are reasons we haven’t heard from them on Trump’s connection with former presidents.


Who is this guy? There isn’t a single Google hit for him if you search “him” with genealogist before 2016. It’s possible but hard to imagine someone even remotely qualified to be called a genealogist to not be somewhere on the web. Next what are his sources? The claim is that this took six months. A team of researchers working full time for six months would have trouble finding this info even though most president’s families are already well researched. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and it seems NO ONE has even asked him to prove this. YES WE ARE ALL RELATED however, like the guy that for sixty seconds thought he could have the world’s largest family reunion learned, proving we are all related is a VERY DIFFICULT thing to do. I suppose this proves there should be a conversation as to what is a genealogist. Not everyone who collects rocks is a geologist is everyone who collects ancestors a genealogist?


    When I saw his name, I immediately thought it was a pseudonym or a joke name. I am sure Ken Reveal can reaveal anything he wants to.


    Cool catch on the name. I think that this was released early. It was probably set for release this Friday, April 1st.


Sounds like a case of incest.


So, 26th cousins? Figuring a 20-year span for each generation, that’s 520 years, or back to 1500. And we all know how many lines can be traced and DOCUMENTED back to the 1500’s. Almost none.


I’m related to a handful of presidents. I have to wonder what Trump’s relation to Martin Van Buran is as his line didn’t have any “English” ancestors.


I’m a little puzzled but it sounds like some of the “relationships” are based on marriage not blood. I’m pretty sure it would be difficult if not impossible to “prove” this claim. I also would not be eager to establish my family relationship to Donald Trump.


Excuse me, but does anyone really, really gave a damn? This is the problem with the NEWS today. Publish or perish. Fill the page, no matter what the content or significance.


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