Announcing the 2017 Eastern Caribbean Genealogy Cruise

Gary and Diana Smith would like to invite you to join them on their 3rd annual genealogy cruise to the sunny Eastern Caribbean for a week of great fun and learning aboard Celebrity Silhouette. The cruise will take place February 26 to March 5, 2017. A Solstice Class ship, the Celebrity Silhouette encompasses all the amenities and grandeur of a 5 star resort hotel while sailing to some of the most interesting destinations in the Caribbean. Indulge in five course gourmet dining, marvel at spectacular nightly entertainment, and ashore, explore the uniqueness of each port-of-call.

Gary and Diana are internationally known professional genealogists who have also organized several genealogy cruises in the past. On the 2017 cruise, they will be joined Donna Moughty and by some fellow named Dick Eastman. Both Donna and Dick will be teaching throughout the cruise, and available for one-on-one consultations to address your individual genealogy questions. Topics such as technology, Internet, Ireland, Scandinavia, Britain, census records, family health, organizing, immigration, land and more than 20 hours of discussion and learning are proposed for the agenda. All the genealogy activities take place in private meeting rooms both in the morning and afternoon on the days at sea. We will have meeting rooms available each evening after dinner for those who wish to continue their genealogy discussions. Join Gary, Diana, Donna, and myself and all those who love genealogy and cruising as much as you!

You can learn more at and a photo album of past cruises is available at (pictures courtesy of Harry Benson). A brochure for this cruise is also available at

Gourmet dinners are available in the dining room.


This sounds wonderful. Are the genealogy sessions free or is there an additional fee?


    —> Are the genealogy sessions free or is there an additional fee?

    The genealogy sessions are included at no additional charge if you sign up through the genealogy cruise link shown in the article.

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    Lectures, one on one consultations and all other genralogy activities are included.

    Extras would be your shopping on port days, the casino and specialty restaurants.
    Gary M. Smith


I’m working on m;y Bahamian genealogy, what stops in the Bahamas, any special focus there?


If I book this cruise through my regular travel agent will I be able to attend the genealogy sessions? Will there be an additional fee? Thanks


    The genealogy sessions are part of the “genealogy cruise,” not the general cruise for other passengers, and can only be booked through the link shown in the announcement.


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