On the Road Again, This Time to Birmingham, England

I managed to stay home for 7 weeks after my last trip, perhaps a new record for me. However, I am embarking on a number of trips in the next few weeks.

By the time you read this message, I should either be over the Atlantic or possibly already arrived at my destination of Birmingham, England. I’ll be attending the Who Do You Think You Are? Live! conference on 7 through 9 April. More than 10,000 visitors are expected at this year’s event. I wrote about the conference earlier at http://goo.gl/NR4c1e. As I wrote in that article, “The show will be packed with more than 120 exhibitors showing their products and services. Attendees also will have access to leading genealogical experts, informative workshops, archives and museums, major online resources, and the largest gathering anywhere of family history societies.” You can also read a lot more in the conference web site at http://www.whodoyouthinkyouarelive.com.

I plan to write about the events and the new products and services that I normally see at Who Do You Think You Are? Live! This conference historically has been the site of many new announcements of interest to genealogists. Look for reports and pictures in this newsletter later this week.

If you can be in Birmingham on any of the three days of this conference, I would strongly invite you to attend. You won’t want to miss it!

If you are looking for me at this event, check the MyHeritage exhibit in stand number: 294. I won’t be there all the time as I will be circulating, talking to vendors, and taking lots of pictures of the events to be published in a future newsletter. However, the MyHeritage stand will serve as my “base of operations.”

See you there?


I know you will have a great time for the next few days – even if you are exhausted! Enjoy and say hello to Birmingham for me too! Lucky, lucky you.


Looking forward to meet you the first time in person.
Hope to see you at our society tabel 81/90 for Computer Genealogy Society of Germany 🙂

regards Timo!


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