IDG Introduces their Newest of In-Brief Research Guides: Researching Your Scottish Ancestors by Christine Woodcock

The following announcement was written by the folks at the In-Depth Genealogist (IDG):

scottish-pdf_coverUTICA, OH, 5 APRIL 2016—The In-Depth Genealogist (IDG) is pleased to announce the publication of “An In-Brief Guide to Researching Your Scottish Ancestors” by Christine Woodcock. Christine writes the column “In Search of Your Scottish Roots” for The In-Depth Genealogist’s digital magazine, Going In-Depth. Scottish born, Canadian raised, she is a genealogy educator with an expertise in Scottish records. She enjoys sharing new resources to assist others in their quest to find and document their heritage. Christine is also a lecturer, author and blogger. She is the Director of Genealogy Tours of Scotland and enjoys taking fellow Scots “home” to do onsite genealogy research and to discover their own Scottish heritage.

Scotland has some of the best records for genealogy research in the world. And, fortunately, they have also done a fantastic job of both preserving these documents and making them available for research. Scotland was the first to digitize and make their collections available online. These documents are the records of the General Registrar’s Office and are available on the ScotlandsPeople website. Within the In-Brief guide you will find the following helpful topics: Important Dates to Remember, Types of Documents Available Online, Useful Information within the Documents, Tips for Success, Archives, Libraries, Family History Societies, and much more.

IDG has published twelve guides which are all available as 4-page PDFs available for download ($2.75) or get the laminated print versions ($10 + shipping) from The In-Depth Genealogist Store ( Subscribers to the digital magazine, Going In-Depth, receive a 10% discount on purchase of each guide. Attendees at the National Genealogical Society Conference have the opportunity to buy their laminated copy for a special price of just $10. Visit the IDG booth (#520) to get the conference special.

One Comment

Although I haven’t yet seen this guide, having participated in one of Christine’s on-line webinars, I’m sure it will turn out to be a valuable assistant to people researching Scottish ancestors. She pointed out an exhaustive list of resources most of the participants would not have otherwise known existed.


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