Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades

What is a “Billiard Marker?” A quick look at the Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades page at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/hitch/gendocs/trades.html tells you that it is “A person who attends on players at billiards and records the progress of the game.”

The same page has hundreds of obsolete job titles that may be found in old documents and even census records. If you have an occupation for an ancestor that you cannot understand, take a look at the Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades page on the GenDocs web site. The occupations seem to be mostly for England and Wales but many of them apply to other countries as well.

The GenDocs home page, crated by John Hancock (no, not THAT one… this John Hancock is in England) has lots of other information as well even though it doesn’t appear to have been updated in a long time. You can check it out at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/hitch/gendocs.

Of course, another method is to simply search for the occupation on Google. That’s how I found the Ranks, Professions, Occupations and Trades page on GenDocs.


Thanks! 🙂
Did you see the quote on the home page? Just as accurate for today, and it’s the difference between a person who copies the data of others (correct or not), and a genuine genealogy researcher.
Copy-paste from the home page:
‘It is of importance that individuals should be encouraged to study the history of their own families; not in the boastful and snobbish spirit which produced such a spate of false pedigrees in the nineteenth century, but on the scientific lines of modern genealogical research which demands proof of every statement and the recording of every fact, whether pleasant or unpleasant, for whatever view may be held on the merits of such research, all will agree that unless it be conducted with accuracy it is entirely futile.’ ~ Society of Genealogists 1937


Another useful publication, containing almost 10,000 occupations, nicknames, officials, personal attributes & relationships, is “What Did They Do? Ancestral terminology” by Dr Penelope Christensen, It is available from Heritage Productions at http://www.genealogystore.com.


I’m not sure if I approve of my designation as a veterinarian! (“Dog Leech”) ::))


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