New Records Available To Search This Findmypast Friday

The following announcement was written by the folks at Findmypast:

This week’s Findmypast Friday marks the release of three brand new record sets from the UK and Australia as well as new additions to the Suffolk Marriage index and our collection of historic British Newspapers.

British Newspaper Update

Over 3.9 million additional articles have been added to our historic British Newspaper Collection. This latest update includes nine brand new titles as well as substantial updates a 38 existing newspapers. The new titles to join the collection cover 109 years of British and world history and consist of local and regional newspapers from around Britain including publications from Devon, Oxfordshire and Lancashire.

Queensland Births 1829-1919

Queensland Births 1829-1919 contains over 930,000 records. Each record consist of a transcript of the original source material that can reveal your ancestors’ birth date, registration year, parents names and mother’s maiden names. Each transcript will also include the original record’s registration number, which can be used to order the birth certificate from the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.

Queensland Marriages 1829-1939

Queensland Marriages 1829-1939 contains over 704,000 records. Each record consist of a transcript of the original source material that lists a couples’ full names, the date of their wedding and the registration year. The original record’s registration number is also included.

Suffolk Marriage Index

Over 71,000 marriage records from over 200 parishes have been added to the Suffolk Marriage Index. Each record consists of a transcript produced by members of the Suffolk Family History Society that includes the married couple’s full names, marital status, parish, the date of their marriage and the location.

The Index currently cover 576 parishes, dates back to 1536 and stretches through to the twentieth century.

Kent, Bromley Absent Voters List 1918

The Kent, Bromley Absent Voters List 1918 records the details over 8,000 men who were eligible to vote and were away serving in the armed forces during the First World War. The list also includes the names of eight women who were members of the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corp or Army Service Corp.

Each record consists of a transcript of the information recorded in the original list. Each transcripts will list your ancestor’s name, service number, rank, regiment, service branch and home address.

Don’t forget to regularly check our dedicated Findmypast Friday page to keep up to date with all the latest additions.


This week, after Mocavo merged with FindMyPast, FindMyPast in Ireland tried to charge my credit card. I’ve never had a paid subscription with FindMyPast. I had one with Mocavo briefly but because I felt they were at least a little sleazy I did not trust them and cancelled my subscription. That was many months ago, so I did not have a subscription with Mocavo when it merged with FindMyPast.

Neither company had any business testing my credit card that had been on file with Mocavo, and most certainly not FindMyPast since I’d never provided my card number to FindMyPast. Mocavo shouldn’t have still had it on file either. Now Bank of America has closed my card to send another because it picked up the fraudulent activity and its security mechanisms were triggered, which is big pain in the rear for me because I have to go through all of my monthly accounts to provide a new credit card for every single business and utility I pay with a credit card.

Because of this, now I don’t trust FindMyPast either, and I am wondering why it is treated and promoted as an honest company, one that is safe to give our business to?


These weekly Friday notifications don’t get delivered to my mailbox until Saturday – too late to take advantage of them.


    Those are new records added in the past week and they will be available forever. Well, as close to forever as possible. Those are NOT one-day specials. They are simply new records that have been added to all the many available records on Findmypast in the previous seven days. Those records will remain available on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and on every day for many months and probably for years.


Yeah same happened with me, FindMyPast Ireland tried to charge my credit card I think it must be because of the Mocavo merger. I like the new records, this will help me in my research and crediting them on my friends website and I hope the records remain for long like Dick mentioned.


I am making more of an effort to get a one use number from my card company when I use it for subscriptions. I’ve found too many auto renews WAY before the expiration date. It annoys me that auto renew is automatic almost everywhere. Are they that afraid people won’t renew? Or are they counting on people forgetting they’re subscribed and when the subscription will end that they sneak a renewal in ahead of time? Annoying either way.


    Automatic renewals are easily stopped. You do not need to have your credit card automatically renewed. You should remain in control at all times. Luckily, that is easy to do.

    For any company where I am suspicious that might automatically charge my credit card in the future without my authorization, I ALWAYS pay with a virtual card that will expire within a few weeks. That way, the company tries to charge it a year later and the charge is always rejected by the credit card company with a status of “card expired” or something similar. Then the company ALWAYS has to contact me for a new credit card number. I then make my own decision whether or not I wish to renew. I remain in control, not that company.

    I wrote an article about the easy method of stopping automatic renewals, “Why You Need a Temporary Credit Card Number”, that I think you should read at and then I later wrote a follow-up article that describes a brand-new, easier method of doing the same thing. See “(+) A New Method of Creating a Temporary Debit Card Number” at

    However, as a Plus Edition article, you will have to pay to read the second article. Don’t worry, I NEVER attempt to charge your credit card a second time. In fact, I don’t even keep your credit card number. My subscription software always deletes your credit card information about two seconds after you subscribe.

    I no longer care if someone attempts to charge my card without first obtaining my authorization simply because they cannot do that. Such a charge ALWAYS fails.

    If you follow my suggestions in those articles, your credit card will never be automatically charged. That’s true for genealogy companies and all other companies alike.


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