How Many Backup Copies of Important Files Do You Need?

Here’s the old data center 3-2-1 rule-of-thumb for backing up:

3 copies of anything you care about – Two isn’t enough if it’s important.
2 different formats – Example: Dropbox plus DVDs or Hard Drive plus Memory Stick or CD plus Crash Plan, or more
1 off-site backup – If the house burns down, how will you get your memories back?


Good advice. Thanks for the reminder


The ioSafe is also a great option for a local backup drive. Fireproof and waterproof external hard drive. Some models are also shock/crushproof. I’ve got one running as a TimeCapsule on my Mac.


    Thank you for sharing about this product. This level of protection is appealing! I’m curious as to which size/model you chose and what Mac you run?


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