The News of Your Death May Be a Bit Premature

Here is a fun(?) although perhaps macabre project. Find obituaries of people with the same name as yourself. It is easy to do.

9iRaq9kieGo to and enter:

obituary {insert your name here}

Depending upon the popularity of your name, you may be surprised at the number of entries you find.

I just checked for my name. I found lots of entries for men who share my name but luckily no obituary for me. I’ll check again tomorrow…


While away at college, I was reading my hometown newspaper when I saw a headline reporting my death. It wasn’t until I saw the age of the decedent that I felt comfortable it wasn’t me. Despite having the same first and middle names, there is no known relationship.


I got a frantic call from my college roommate on the morning she received our alumni magazine reporting my death! I had not received the magazine as they had taken me from the mailing list. After some researching, I found a woman with the same 1st and last name as mine, but different middle name,birth date and residence. Had they checked the math, they would have immediately known that this woman was much too young to have graduated when I did. It does make you feel rather uncomfortable!


A friend of mine pulled a joke on me. It’s worse even more just a week ago.
Friend (male) was in an assisted living place recovering from a surgery (since been released) knew of a lady who almost shared his name and included named of an ex-wife of his friend.
He saw the obituary only a week after he was released, and clipped it out of newspaper, with the headline giving full name including married name. Foisted on his friend to get a laughing result. And he did to me, too then I pulled the gag on others, facial reactions were precious!!!


George Burns used to say that he liked to check the obituaries in the morning paper, and if he didn’t find his name there he figured it was going to be a pretty good day. (And he lived to be 100.)


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