Pass Down Journal

passdownjournalPass Down Journal is a new service from Mr. and Mrs. Adam Sharer. It is a hard cover journal filled with life interview questions that help inspire people to capture some of their own autobiography. The hardcover journal includes a series of 100 life interview questions that can help anyone write their own autobiography. You can map out your best stories in your own words and give copies to loved ones that you’d like to know and remember better. Unlike a regular personal diary, a Pass Down Journal is meant to be shared.

While it’s not a tool specifically designed for researching genealogy, the Pass Down Journal could kindle enthusiasm for discovering your own family history to preserve your own story for future generations to cherish.

Adam Sharer recently wrote, “My wife lost her mother to cancer about 7 years ago and she’s always known that, while she can relay stories, our children will never really know or remember much about their grandmother. We talked about our own stories and how we could write something out for our own children, and as we talked more we eventually realized that our idea might be something that other people might like to have as well.”

You can learn more about the Pass Down Journal at


These books used to be very popular a decade or two ago and they were very inexpensive to buy in department stores like Walmart. etc. Not bound in leather nor particularly durable, but fine for the cause. I was given several by my children, all with interesting questions to answer and data to enter, each one a little different from the next.

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A list of questions and the audio record feature on a smart phone works too.


And then upload it to the cloud and throw the book away?


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