Famberry Offers Free Access for a Limited Time

Famberry is a private collaborative family tree builder that is becoming popular in many countries. I have written about Famberry a number of times in the past. See https://duckduckgo.com/?q=site%3Aeogn.com+famberry for my earlier articles about it. Now the company is offering a free introductory trial period to encourage even more people to take Famberry for a “test drive.”

The following announcement was written by the folks that produce Famberry:

London, England (April 29th, 2016) – Famberry (www.famberry.com), the private collaborative family tree builder, has made their graphical timeline feature free to all users, for a limited period. Users can sign up to Famberry for free and start building a timeline of their family history.

Normally part of the upgraded service, the family timeline on Famberry allows your family’s history to be shown as a graphical timeline, with photos and a narrative to produce an immersive story for your family. Moving away from dates and names and into the realm of family stories and traditions, adds an engaging dimension to your family’s history. Upgraded users can even include videos and documents on their family timelines for a full “multimedia” family history experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Free access to the feature is until the end of May 2016 to allow new and current users to experience how the story of each individual in a family tree is inter-twined to make up a unique family story.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 10.41.10

“Our users are telling us that Famberry is one of the best places to honor past and present family members in privacy.” said Shelly Bardouille, Customer Service Manager, Famberry.

Building your photo family tree on Famberry allows the whole family to connect and participate in a common activity. Family historians are starting to discover that participation is key to engaging the family in the preservation of their family history. Famberry’s simple design means it’s easy for the family to participate, so easy that literally a child could do it, that’s why it has been used in schools in the UK to connect children to their family history since 2013.

Famberry’s free service gives a generous 2Gb or 1000 photos that can be shared with the whole family. For those who want even more for their families, Famberry has introduced new upgrade options. Members can upgrade to a premium account to share up to 50Gb or 20 thousand photos with their family and a whole host of additional features for only $7.99 a month or $85 for a yearly subscription. Professional family historians have the option to store up to 1Tb of photos and build unlimited client and personal family trees on Famberry for only $30.99 per month.

About Famberry

Famberry, based in London, England was started in 2013 by families who were frustrated with the lack of privacy and controls on social networks and wanted a place where they could honor their family members; without their information being sold or shared with unknown third parties. With award winning customer service, Famberry lets you collaborate to build your family tree, curate family photos albums, plan events and keep in contact with your family anywhere that you have access to the Internet.

PastedGraphic-3 PastedGraphic-2

One Comment

Thanks for the heads up Dick, I was able to create a great looking timeline using Famberry. Nice easy way to share the family history.


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