National Genealogical Society Presents Awards Honoring Excellence in Newsletter Editorship and Service to NGS

OK, if I may “toot my own horn” just a bit, I received a very pleasant surprise today during the opening ceremony of the National Genealogical Society’s annul conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I received an award. Actually, the award was presented to two people: myself and Cyndi Ingle, publisher of Cyndi’s List. If I am to share an award with anyone, I am proud to share it with Cyndi, a person whose work I have admired for years.

I never expected any such recognition. I was in the back of the room taking notes. When I heard my own name mentioned, I froze and stopped taking notes. I never knew what NGS President Jordan Jones said after that until I read the announcement later in the day.

A number of other people received special awards today as well. Here is the announcement sent today by the National Genealogical Society:


Arlington, VA, 4 May 2016—The National Genealogical Society (NGS) honored excellence in the categories of newsletter editorship and service to the Society with the presentation of several awards at the Opening Session of the NGS 2016 Family History Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on 4 May 2016. The Opening Session keynote speaker, Connie Lester, PhD, spoke on the topic “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives” after which NGS President Jordan Jones presented the following awards.

Each year, the NGS Newsletter Competition recognizes the hard work, long hours, and creativity that editors devote to their newsletters. A panel of three judges reviews each newsletter on material interest, variety, organization, quality of writing and editing, readability, and attractiveness. This year’s categories and winners are:

Family Association Newsletter:
Winner: The Timen Stiddem Society Newsletter, the newsletter of the The Timen Stiddem Society, edited by Richard L. Steadham.

Honorable Mention: About Towne, the newsletter of the Towne Family Association, Inc., edited by Rae Russell Johnson.

County/Local Genealogical and/or Historical Society: for societies with less than 500 members:
Winner: GRIVA News & Notes, the newsletter of the Genealogical Research Institute of Virginia, edited by Sharon Barden Garber.

Honorable Mention: The Newsletter of the Irish Family History Forum, the newsletter of the Irish Family History Forum, edited by Patricia Mansfield Phelan.

Major Genealogical and/or Historical Society: for societies with more than 500 members:
Winner: The New York Researcher, the newsletter of the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society, edited by Susan R. Miller.

The President’s Citation
The President’s Citation is given in recognition of outstanding, continuing, or unusual contributions to the field of genealogy or the society. This year, the President’s Citation honors two individuals, Cyndi Ingle of Milton, WA, and Dick Eastman of Orlando, FL, who have given generously of their time and talents to benefit the genealogical community.

Since 1996, Cyndi Ingle has published and maintained Cyndi’s List, a free, categorized, and cross-referenced online listing of genealogical sites. Cyndi’s List quickly became an indispensable resource for genealogists worldwide.

In addition to running her website, Cyndi has also found time to volunteer. She served as a board member of the NGS for five years, and is involved in other genealogical societies, such as the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), where she currently serves on the technology and awards committees. She has published three books, and is an internationally renowned speaker about genealogy and technology. Her generosity and dedication have greatly benefited the genealogical community.

Also in 1996, Dick Eastman launched the Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter. EOGN covers genealogy news, as well as issues of technology, privacy, digital rights, and access as they relate to genealogy. A trailblazer in the use of technology, Dick was an early promoter of the use of online forums to advance genealogical research. Today more than 75,000 people read his newsletter and benefit from his reviews and tutorials.

Dick’s dedication to clear writing and independent opinion has made his periodical a sought-after source of information, commentary, and discussion for twenty years. Dick is also an internationally renowned speaker on the broad array of topics he covers in his newsletter.

NGS also recognized several individuals for their dedicated efforts in support of the NGS 2016 Family History Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Award of Honor
The Award of Honor was presented in recognition of dedication and sustained service in support of the conference. Recipient of the award was the Florida State Genealogical Society, Inc., Marlis Humphrey, president.

Certificates of Appreciation
Certificates of Appreciation were given to recognize the committee chairs who spent countless hours preparing for the conference. NGS is aware that there could be no conference if it were not for the volunteers’ efforts and commitment. So honored were Conference Chair, C. Ann Staley, CG; Conference Vice Co-Chairs, Amy Larner Giroux, PhD, CG, CGL and Margo Fariss Brewer; Local Host Committee Chair, David W. Dellinger, PhD; Librarians’ Day Chair, Drew Smith, MLS; Registration Chair, John F. Laurent; Local Publicity Chair, Marlis Humphrey; Vendor Support Chair, Jean Foster Kelley, CG; Vendor Support Assistant Chair, Denise Manning; Volunteer Chair, Susan Luce; Volunteer Assistant Chair, Cheryl Shaughnessy; and Youth Camp Chair, Margo Fariss Brewer.

Founded in 1903, the National Genealogical Society is dedicated to genealogical education, exemplary standards of research, and the preservation of genealogical records. The Arlington, Virginia, based nonprofit is the premier national society for everyone, from the beginner to the most advanced family historian, seeking excellence in publications, educational offerings, and guidance in research. It also offers many opportunities to interact with other genealogists.

Please visit the NGS Pressroom for further information.


Congratulations on a well deserved recognition. Couldn’t agree with it more as you have been a part of my genealogical life for so long and I have always wish there was a way to say thank you.


Congratulations Dick. You absolutely deserve the award.


Congratulations! Such a well deserved recognition.


Congratulations! Well deserved


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well Deserved – I read your post and then the local newspaper each morning and I am ready for the day.


    I do the same thing. 🙂

    Congratulations, Dick. Well deserved. Glad you are getting recognition for all your contributions to genealogy. It’s a good opportunity for us to tell you how much we appreciate your newsletters.


The award was very appropriate. I was happy to be there and hear the news. Congrats, Dick!


Congratulations Dick. I look forward to reading your newsletter every morning.


Congratulations, Dick! Your EOGN is top notch, timely news for genealogy. Well deserved recognition.


Really great that one is rewarded for their works regardless of how the author perceives its worth. Congrats – keep it coming but no more April Fool’s jokes! Please? Carl


Barbara Jacobsen May 5, 2016 at 6:41 am

I was so excited to hear the great news. Congratulations, Dick Eastman, you really deserve this award. So many people, in all stages of their genealogy walk, read and rely on your news every day!!


Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition. Those of us who have enjoyed your newsletter over many years have understood long ago how deserving you are of this honor.


Twenty years of wonderful information! You deserve lots of awards!
Congratulations, Dick!


My sincere congratulations, Dick. Well deserved recognition of your wonderful work. We are in your debt.


Marilyn Kay Maynard May 5, 2016 at 7:55 am

Congratulations, Dick! You have provided your readers with a lot of useful information about genealogy, technology and other topics. My day would not be the same without your newsletter.


Yeah, couldn’t be awarded to a more deserving person in the Genealogy community.
And I agree with you re Cyndi – saw her at a Sacramento seminar last month. You both contribute so much! Thank you for your daily efforts.


Well deserved… Congratulations!! It’s always nice to be recognized… Carolyn


Congratulations! This award is well deserved!


Hi Dick, CONGRATS! I read your newsletter every day & really appreciate your updates about what’s new or updated on FamilySearch, Ancestry, FindMyPast, etc. I pass this info along to the Olympia Genealogy Society which is included in our monthly bulletin. I couldn’t do such a good job of keeping out group informed without the info you publish.


Congratulations – well deserved.


Well deserved, Dick! I have tried to congratulate you twice, but seem to keep posting in the wrong places. At any rate, of all the genealogical newsletters in my Inbox, yours is my favorite and I get interesting and helpful news from you. Many thanks!


Dick, Congratulations on a well deserved award!


Hooray! I enjoy your newsletter so much, and it is the only one I subscribe to! Bravo!


Congrats Sir!
A well earned award!


Congrats! Kudos! We have all benefited from you.


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